1-What is your name?Rick
2-What is your E-Mail address?XeroG5@aol.com
3-What is your skill level?I concider myself to be an Intermediate player.
I've played
for about 9 months.
4-What is the name of your deck? I call it Sabrina's Helpers.
5-What is your deck all about? It's about 2 of Sabrina's best pokemon,
and Gengar. It also uses the Promo card Mewtwo so that S.Alakazam can use
the Energy Absorption move to get enough energy to use the other attacks
of the
benched pokemon. S.Gengar uses the Call of the night move to try limit the
number of pokemon the opponent has.
6-Which of the following do you prefer?That the deck to be tuned to win as
ly and as often as possible.
7-Is there any card in the deck that you DO NOT want to be taken out under any
circumstances?Please don't take out the Resistance Gym cards. Those are
needed for when I am playing against colorless pokemon.
8-List the cards in your deck for me, dividing them into Pokemon,Trainers,

Sabrina's Helpers
Pokemon: 12 Basics, 18 In Total
3 Sabrina Abra( 2 do Energy loop/1 does Pound and Synchronize )
2 Sabrina Kadabra
1 S. Alakazam
3 S.Gastly( 2 do Suffocating Gas/1 does Lick and Fade Out )
2 S.Haunter( These do Nightmare and Shadow Attack )
1 S.Gengar( Pain Amplifier and Call of the Night)
2 Rocket's Mewtwo
2 Promo Mewtwo
2 Mr. Mime

20 Trainer Cards
2 Nightly Garbage Run
3 Erika
2 Computer Search
1 Breeder
2 Potion
2 Super Potion
2 Resistance Gym
3 Plus Power
1 Professor Oak
1 Trader
1 Imposter Oak's Revenge

22 Psychic Energy/18 Pokemon/ 20 Trainer Cards

9-The following are cards that I believe should be in just about every deck:
Professor Oak
Computer Search
Item Finder
Gust of Wind
Nightly Garbage Run
I couldn't put Item finder in my deck because I don't have any,but I'll try
to get some.
I didn't put gust of wind in the deck because I think the pokemon can handle
other pokemon without having to choose one the bench.
10-If there are any card choices in your deck require special explanation to
me from taking one look at them, screaming, and lapsing into a coma,
provide such an explanation here. The gastly that does Fade Out only has
but that attack works like a scoop up but youreturn the energy cards to
your hand
as well as Gastly.
11-Is there anything else you think I should know? If I need Item Finder,
that that's not an easy card to get.


Okay. Sabrina decks are probably going to become popular with the sudden arrival of Alakazam, so I thought I'd get a jump on them.

1) First of all. drop the Gengar family. Two Stage 2's is a bad idea. While the ghost's attacks may contribute some subtlety to the deck, Sabrina's Alakazam is not a Pokemon that screams "Subtlety" to me.

Now then. Hmm. Normally, Psychic decks find themselves running Colorless pokemon or pokemon with colorless attacks to get around resistance and avoid weakness. First of all, Mime stops a lot of other Psychic Pokemon right there. As for the resistance part, I think 60 damage + Resistance Gym batters right through a lot of the resistance out there. So just work on the Alakazam family, have those Mewtwos (both of them) on the bench, and keep Mime in reserve. Convert all your Abras to the Quick Attack one, it's just better.

2) Trainers. Is there any reason to make these trainers any different from the ones in 90% of the decks I fix? No! So let's go ahead with that. Insane drawing and searching is not only a solid part of a good deck, it's fun! Don't forget Breeders and Resistance Gyms. If you want to see the exact amounts I would use, scroll on down. You might also want to include one No Removal Gym to whip out if your opponent plays heavy removal, which could stop this deck pretty fast.

Why am I taking out some of these trainers? Well, Potion and Super Potion are generally just "blah" most of the time. They're not bad, but there's almost always something you'd rather have. Erika. well, sharing is bad, unless you've already got 4 Bill and 4 Oak and you want MORE card drawing. Finally, I put Gust in because it's just GOOD. You WILL want this card. Trust me.

3) Energy should be fairly straightforward. By the way, I like your Promo Mewtwo trick for charging up Alakazam-that's nifty and it's something I hadn't thought of before! Thanks!


15 Pokemon:

4 S's Abra
2 S's Kadabra
3 S's Alakazam
2 Mewtwo (Movie Promo)
2 Rocket's Mewtwo
2 Mr. Mime
24 Trainers:

4 Oak
3 Bill
3 Computer Search
3 Item Finder
2 Gust of Wind
2 Resistance Gym
1 No Removal Gym
4 Nightly Garbage Run
2 Pokemon Breeder

21 Energy:

17 Psychic Energy


The one real problem I think this deck might encounter is enemy Mimes. If this becomes a huge problem, I can see two real ways to deal with it: Goop Gas (effective, just remember it shuts down Alakazam as well) or one or two of something like Jigglypuff that will be run solely for that purpose. Outside of that, Rocket's Mewtwo is the only one of your Pokemon that I'd want to send against Mime, and even it is iffy in the extreme. Abra can do the job but needs to get lucky.

Also, sorry for adding in the Item Finders-it's just such a great card. Get them if you can, and until then, run increased amounts of Trainers or Pokemon or something.


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