ra1) What is your name? (need not be your real name, just whatever you want me to call you)---viper 2) What is your e-mail address?viper7654@aol.com3) What is your skill level? (Please choose from the following:) -Beginner -Novice -Intermediate -Advanced---between advanced and expert -Expert 4) What is the name of your deck? (Please choose something I can print on the Pojo... and yes, this is a problem with some people!) "Strom Attack"---this is spelled correctly, its German for electricity 5) What is your deck all about? If your deck has a strategy, tell me about it in detail. If your deck is a theme deck, describe the theme to me. In essence, tell me what was running through your mind when you slapped together this pile of cards. Basically i made this deck because i wanted a mono-lightning, but it turned into one of my best decks. so now its just for fighting. 6) Which of the following would you prefer? -That the deck be tuned to win as consistently and as often as possible*!
*******-------this!!!!!!!!!!!! -Tpokemon-- 1 jungle pikachu
2 promo pickachu
1 base set raichu
1 fossil raichu
1 dark raichu
2 scyther
1 base set zapdos
1 fossil zapdos
2 jungle kangaskan
2 rocket expansion evee
1 jolteon
2 base set electabuzz
2 energy removal
2 gust of wind
2 bill
2 oak
3 potion
2 pluspower
1 erika
1 resistance gym
1 double colorless
27 lightining
17 pokemon
15 trainers
28 energy
60 cards
9) The following cards are cards I believe should be present in just about every deck: -Professor Oak -Computer Search---could use it, but i canfigure out which card to take out -Item Finder---i don not have the need to use trainers multiple times in this deck, i am also trying to comply with sts rules, and other trainers all help the deck more than IF would -Gust of Wind -Nightly Garbage Run--- my object is to get through this deck quickly, this would slow me down, and i dont have a great need to reuse things in this deck, unless its pokemon, and by the time i get wut i need it doesnt matter any more If any of the above mentioned cards are NOT in your deck, explain their absence here, and do a darned good job. 10) If any of the card choices in your deck require special explanation to prevent me from taking one look at them, screaming, and lapsing into a coma, please provide such explanation here. Examples of such cards would be Here Comes Team Rocket!, Pokeflute, and Tickle M!
achine (to name a few). "It came ***

Okay... hope this is quick enough.

The thing I noticed is that, despite your array of singles, you're on the right track. You actually have a decent (if scattered) Raichu evolution, you have 2 Buzz, and you're started towards a decent trainer base. Let me help you take that and refine it more.

1) Pokemon. Hmm, I really think you should settle on one Raichu. I'd go with either Base or Dark. Either one is workable, so it will depend on availability. As for the Pikachus, if you have access to either the League or Movie promos, I wouldn't bother with anything else. Failing that, Jungle is preferable to Base.

We now have our core line. Now to support it. Add in more Electabuzz-I hear this card is good sometimes. Scyther is a must for fighting resistance; he works MUCH better than Zapdos. Speaking of Zapdos, you can take them, the Kangaskhans, and the Jolteon family out. If you think you will need psy resistance, you might leave 1 Kanga in. The changes we have made streamline and focus your deck by eliminating some unneeded fat and dropping a badly built evolution family.

2) Trainers. Well, I get the feeling that you know what's good but you don't have the resources to put it into effect. That's okay, everybody goes through that stage. You will need a couple of rares (1-2 Computer Search and a similar amount of Item Finder) but the rest of your trainer array can be fleshed out with commons and uncommons-Bill, Oak, PlusPower, GOW, Removal. I'd drop the Potions-there are more maximally useful cards (by which I mean cards that you will more often be able to derive a definite, game-swinging advantage from.) Another card that's not incredibly easy to find, but that should be added when you can, is Nightly Garbage Run.

3) 28 energy is just way, way too much. The Pokemon you now have are very energy-light, so you should be able to get away with the standard formula of 15-16 colored energy and 4 DCE.


15 Pokemon:

4 Pikachu
3 Raichu
4 Electabuzz
3 Scyther
1 Kangaskhan

24 Trainers:

4 Professor Oak
3 Bill
2 Computer Search
1 Item Finder
4 PlusPower
4 Energy Removal
3 Nightly Garbage Run

21 Energy:

17 Lightning Energy


A couple of the amounts (Scyther, Item Finder) are adjusted to account for difficulties you may have in obtaining the cards. I think this is a pretty good fix, and I hope you can work with it. My advice-Get the trainers, energy, and big basics straightened out before you worry too much about your Raichu family-your eclectic array of Raichu is workable up to a point, it just needs to be modified eventually.

Oh, and lastly-I hope your deck wasn't supposed to be Prop15. You did have 15 trainers, but I saw no other indication that you were going after a 15-3 deck, so I didn't fix it that way. if I missed something, I'm sorry.


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