>        Name: Brendan Mercier
>        E-Mail: Brend13@aol.com
>        Skill level: probably advanced
>        Deck Name: Psycho Burn 
>        Strategy:    Fist off I wanted to say I just
> took out two mr. mimes I
> had in the deck they didn't seem to be helping much.
> For The wiggly decks in my area I use chanseys
> double edge alot to take
> out their team. I damage swap off of chansey and use
> the healing cards. I try
> and take out there wiggly first so he can't kill
> chansey the next turn. I
> have only lost a few times to this type of deck and
> none of them were in a
> tourney. I seem to get the cards I need when playing
> this deck... :)
> For any other deck it is for the most part like
> this.
> I try to get alakazam out pretty quick (but if I
> don't it's ok) and
> chansey
> use damage swap to move damage onto anyone. I use
> Scyther, Mewtwo and Magmar
> as my main hitters. with my pokemons low retreat
> costs I didn't bother
> putting in scoop ups. The great thing about this
> deck is I can easily stall
> or attack depending on the situation (fuji can help
> me here) during the late
> game promote mewtwo and keep energy absorbing then
> retreat him and use fuji
> now there's not a good chance you are going to deck
> yourself (unless of
> course... mewtwo dies). The E.R. and S.E.R. really
> make my deck work well I
> use these and R.S.A. to buy me time to get my deck
> working.I have thought of
> taking out scyther putting in another magmar and
> maybe another MP. mewtwo not
> sure though. I haven't got any new cards since
> rocket :( (kinda behind)YET
> but I will be getting some so if I need any throw
> them in as well. What do
> you think?
>        Which would I prefer: A deck that wins
> consistently and as often as
> possible
>        Is there any card I need to stay: NO you can
> take out any card
> List of Deck      
> Energy (18)
> 6 psychic
> 6 fire
> 4 DCE
> 2 Rainbow energy
> Pokemon (15)
> 3 TR abra
> 2 alakazam
> 2 promo mewtwo
> 3 chansey
> 2 scyther
> 3 fossil magmar
> Trainers (27)
> 3 E.R.
> 3 S.E.R.
> 3 Prof. Oak
> 2 Bill
> 2 Computer search
> 3 pokemon center
> 2 G.O.W.
> 2 Mr. Fuji
> 2 pokemon breeder
> 3 rocket sneak attack
> 2 nightly garbage run
> Thanks for your help hope you can post this soon :)
> LaterZ
>         Brendan

I've heard something about these aggro-Chansey decks
that seem to be floating around. Although I've never
seen one in action, the basic concept seems quite
sound. I mean, if double-edging twice is good,
double-edging six times must be even better, am I

So, let's start with the Pokemon. I don't see anything
to mess around with here, except that you probably
don't need all three Magmars. You should always be
able to find one when you need it, so let's drop it
down to 2. That's about all we do here.

As we come to your trainers, the first thing we do is
to see where we can make room. Mr. Fuji I don't think
is conducive to your strategy-- this is an aggro deck,
not a stall deck. The situations where this card would
be useful aren't enough to justify its inclusion, so
it goes.

3 Oak and 2 Bill aren't enough anymore. You must run
4-3. The ability to play out your starting hand
quickly, then replenish it with a turn-2 or -3 Oak, is
just essential these days.

I think I'd drop the Breeders, and run Kadabras in
their stead. Why? Well, Breeder is mainly useful when
you want to be busting Alakazam out on Turn 2 or 3--
early, in other words. But this deck doesn't
absolutely need to do that, and chances are you won't
be doing it anyway with only 2 'Kazams. The reason
Kadabras are better than Breeders in this case is
because you can play Kadabra, then Oak for an
Alakazam. If you use Breeders, you have to either wait
for the Alakazam, or pitch the breeder and hope you
can get it back or draw another.

Item Finder is good. Try to make room for it in your
deck if at all possible.

Lastly, I really think I'd make the room for a couple
of Energy Flows. The ability to return energy to your
hand and redistribute it is great, as is the potential
to Flow all your energy back to your hand, bust out a
truly massive Pokemon Center, then lay more energy and
continue attacking.

You'll probably end up going over budget, so what to
take out? Well, likely candidates include the Bills,
which are good but whose elimination will probably be
the least disruptive to your overall strategy. You
could also probably shave one more fire energy off
your already-low energy count, although I don't think
I'd go much below that.

Sorry not to provide you with a decklist, but this
update is being done on a tight deadline and under
less-than-optimal circumstances. If you have trouble
implementing my changes, write me and we can talk
about it more. Good luck!


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