Well, it's another exciting update of the Pojo's deck
garage. And with it comes something that we haven't
seen in a long time-- Spike's letters!

>I am writing about how u fixed my deck (Delta
>moltres), I know upon submitting it to u that you
>would do what ever you want to do with it. But there
>were some things about it..... First and foremost I
>stated at the top that I wish for this deck to remain
>mono-fire and u plopped in 4 chansey. Secondly,
>Blane's Moltres is playabe, I put in NRG just for it.
>Thirdly I dont have some fondness for Rocket training
>gym, i prefer NRG, I thought it would be good
>concidering 2 of them have alternate retreating /
>return to hand. Fourth, I tryed to corespond with the
>15 trainer rule by having 16 trainers. And fifth, the
>way you did my deck did not "stick to my theme", the
>whole deck was based on having moltes in it ( note
>that the name of it was Delta moltres ), and for it
>being mono fire. I just thought to bring this to your
>attention and to tell you to READ THE WHOLE THING
>FIRST!! Thank you

All right. It seems that this induhvidual (Dilbert
reference) has snagged the coveted Justin Smith award
for this week. You may want to go back and read my fix
of his Delta-Moltres deck. Does it look like, at the
very least, a decent fix? I think so. And yet he has
issues with it.

Let's analyze his points one at a time:

1) "I wanted a mono-fire deck, and you put in

So the deck is no longer mono-fire? I don't see any
color other than Fire in there. (COLOR, mind you.
Colorless is not a color.) I actually run Scyther all
the time in "mono-color" decks. In Magic, does putting
Masticore in a Magpile deck make it an artifact deck
instead of a blue deck? No. Does putting Chansey in
his deck make it less of a fire deck? I don't think

2) "Blaine's Moltres is playable."

No it isn't.

3) "I tried to adhere to Prop 15 by running 16

First of all, slap me with a Vulpix doll if I'm wrong,
but you said NOTHING about Prop15 in your original
deck submission. I don't fix decks according to Prop15
unless it's specifically requested. And 16 trainers
are just as illegal under Prop15 as 26 trainers, so
what's your point?

4) "You did not stick to my theme. The theme of my
deck was having Moltres in it and being mono-fire."

Your fixed deck HAD MOLTRES IN IT. Two different
versions, in fact. And I've already discussed the fact
that we apparently differ on our definition of "mono"
decks. I make no apologies for taking it the wrong
way. If you use a different definition for "mono-fire"
than the rest of the world, it rests on you to make it
clear what you mean by that.

Now then. on to more letters.

>Spike, what is it with you and Clefairy Doll all of a
>sudden? If you've seen her "house", she's been giving
>you nicknameslike "Spikey-poo" and she said(and I
>quote)"If you go to his shed, be sure to give him a
>big bear-hug for me." What's up with that?!
>Keep up the good work, Dragon Rage

<Editor's Note:  *blank stare*  -Scott>

Clefairy Doll and I are old friends. We go way back. I
believe the nickname "Spikey-Poo" was originally
coined by former mechanic Z and spread thoughout the
Pojo community. And as for hugs. what's wrong with
hugs? Hugs are good.

>This message is about two things, all those stupid
>restrictions in the East Coast STS and the second is
>Gym Challenge and Gym Heroes. I hope you will agree
>with one or both of them.
>First, what was Wizards thinking (or smoking) when
>they made that stupid Prop15!!! Base set, Jungle,
>Fossil Team Rocket, Gym Heroes, and Gym Challenge all
>have cards that help Wiggly and Haymaker decks.
>Merely restricting the number of trainers and number
>of same cards in a deck will not stop those decks.
>Here's one way to stop Wiggly decks: scrap Prop15 and
>ban Wiggly! Yes, ban Wiggly!!!!!
>Now, to get to the other part of my rant. Do any of
>you out there think that Wizards is trying to further
>rip off Pokèmon TCG players by removing one common
>from Gym boosters and replacing it with a basic

Hmm. Of course I agree that Prop15-3c is a pile of
fetid rubbish. But what's becoming increasingly clear
is that Wizards is powerless to do anything useful.
With that in mind, unless the next few sets include
something that just kills the current archetypes, the
game is going downhill. If you're familiar with the
so-called Combo Winter of Magic: The Gathering, the
situation is similar. but imagine that the DCI hadn't
been able to ban Windfall, Time Spiral, Tolarian
Academy or any of those other cards that players loved
to hate. Further imagine that there was no such thing
as "Type 2"-there was only one format, one in which
all cards were legal--so you couldn't even wait for
Saga to rotate out. Would anybody still be playing
Magic? Probably not nearly as many people would be.
That's where Pokemon is headed, it seems.

As for ripping us off by including energy. I don't
think so. I like it. I never seem to have enough
energy on hand, and this helps. I really don't think
the common that I'd otherwise be getting is that huge
of a deal.

That's the end of the letters for this weekend. A
couple of announcements:

1) I plan to be attending the East Coast STS in New
Jersey this weekend. Look me up there if you want to.

2) A bunch of people have requested a return of Vulpix
and his writings. Well, guess what-he'll be coming
back soon, and so will the polls.

In the meantime, keep sending in your decks, and I'll
keep fixing as many as I can get to. I hope that even
the people whose decks I am unable to fix are gaining
something useful from reading the fixes that I do


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