1) What is your name? (need not be your real name,
just whatever you want me to call you)

2) What is your e-mail address?

3) What is your skill level? (Please choose from the

4) What is the name of your deck? (Please choose
something I can print on the Pojo... and yes, this is
a problem with some people!)
The Ninetails Nuisance
5) What is your deck all about? If your deck has a
strategy, tell me about it in detail. If your deck is
a theme deck, describe the theme to me. In essence,
tell me what was running through your mind when you
slapped together this pile of cards.
I use The Ninetails family to do most of the
attacking. The Onix and Magmar stall, and the
Hitmonchans and Hitmonlees use some of that fighting
energy and give something for the strong water

6) Which of the following would you prefer?

-That the deck be tuned to win as consistently and as
often as possible
-That the theme of the deck (if any) be adhered to, at
the expense of strategy if need be
-A balance between the two, tuning the deck to win but
maintaining theme where possible
7) Is there any card in the deck that you DO NOT want
taken out under ANY circumstances? If you do not
specify this, I'll assume that anything is fair game.
For example, if your favorite Pokemon is Onix, you
need to tell me, because I will quite possibly target
any Onixes as early candidates for removal. *grin*
Ninetails. you must keep in the Ninetails. I need
another Brock's Ninetails (hard to get, here) , so you
can take him out if needed. I also have 2 magmar in
another deck, you may want to add those to this deck,
because I have a feeling you don't want to cut them
8) List the cards in your deck for me, dividing them
into Pokemon, Trainers, and Energy. Divide Pokemon by
color, and list components of evolution chains
together. Give a count of the number of cards in each
category (for example, 18 Pokemon, 22 Trainers, 20
Energy). If the count does not add up to 60, your deck
will find itself in the circular file with astonishing
19 Pokemon
4 Vulpix
3 Ninetails
2 Magmar (fossil)
2 Brock's Vulpix (Lv. 16)
1 Brock's Ninetails (Lv. 30)
3 onix
2 Hitmonlee
2 Hitmonchan
14 trainers
3 energy retrireview
3 Gust of Wind
3 Nightly Garbage Run
3 Bill
2 Professor Oak
27 energy
11 fighting
16 fire

9) The following cards are cards I believe should be
present in just about every deck:
-Professor Oak
-Computer Search
-Item Finder
-Gust of Wind
-Nightly Garbage Run

If any of the above mentioned cards are NOT in your
deck, explain their absence here, and do a darned good
I currently am $8 in debt to my parents, will not get
payed until the end of this month, and have no one
that does not know enough about this game to not use
The Bold And Underlined items above to trade with,
which is why I do not have them in my deck.

10) If any of the card choices in your deck require
special explanation to prevent me from taking one look
at them, screaming, and lapsing into a coma, please
provide such explanation here. Examples of such cards
would be Here Comes Team Rocket!, Pokeflute, and
Tickle Machine (to name a few). "It came in my theme
deck" or "I got it in a booster and it looked cool"
are NOT good explanations.

11) Is there anything else you think I should know?
(If so, what?)
Only that Ninetails is my favorite pokemon (with a
current US card, that is) and the fighting can be


Hmm. Ninetales.

Seems I have a bit of experience playing with that
Pokemon myself. Small world, eh?

Let's see what I can do.

1) First of all, you probably want to drop one of the
Ninetales families.. Seeing as how you seem to be on a
budget, let's keep the Base as you already have three
of them. That means Brock's Ninetales should probably
be dropped.

Now that we've decided to go this way, increase the
Magmar count to 4. It's now time to put in either
another evolution family or more BBPs to flesh out the
deck. Since the theme of this deck is Ninetales, let's
avoid adding another evolution family and instead go
with BBP's. We've already got some Fighting in this
deck, so Hitmonchan looks like a decent candidate.

While it is true that running two colors in a Base
Ninetales deck can be extremely problematic, it's not
out of the question altogether. Hitmonchan is okay as
he can run off of only 1 energy of color. Hitmonlee
should definitely be dropped, as he's extremely
color-intensive and not that good in the first place.
Onix should also go. With that, I think we're just
about done with Pokemon.

2) You have too few trainers. (Why? You have too much
energy-a point we'll touch upon in a moment.) You have
no Computer Search or Item Finder. I know these cards
can be difficult to obtain (believe me, I know) but I
consider them to be essential to a good deck. You can
keep their numbers low at first-2 search and 1
finder-but I would advise anyone to acquire a set of 3
or 4 of each as soon as possible. If you can't trade
for them, maybe you should try looking at a card shop
or something.

A few of the other trainers could stand to have their
numbers increased. Oak is too good not to run 3 or
preferably 4 of. Ditto Nightly Garbage Run. A Gym is
always good to fend off enemy Gyms, and in this deck
the best Gym would probably be No Removal, but if
those additional rares are a big problem, Narrow Gym
or the like could be used for now. Also, a card I
don't see that should be here is PlusPower. I almost
never make a deck without this card anymore. It's just
that good.

3) Let me apply my own experience with Ninetales to
this deck. My own most recent Base Niney deck runs 15
Fire Energy and 4 DCE, and has very little trouble.
Your deck doesn't need DCE, so that's 4 slots free for
Fighting Energy right off the bat. Eventually, what
you may want to do is run something like 13 Fire
Energy, 4 Rainbow Energy, 2 Fighting Energy. But I
realize that Rainbow Energy is yet another rare, and
you should be fine without it for the time being.


15 Pokemon:

4 Vulpix
3 Ninetales
4 Hitmonchan
4 Magmar

26 Trainers:

4 Oak
3 Bill
2 Computer Search
1 Item Finder
4 PlusPower
4 Nightly Garbage Run
3 Energy Retrieval
2 No Removal Gym

19 Energy:

13 Fire Energy
6 Fighting Energy


Yes, I like this deck. Good luck with it, and I hope
the cards I added aren't too difficult to obtain.

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