1) What is your name? (need not be your real name,
just whatever you want me to call you) J & A
2) What is your e-mail address? arismendez@webtv.net
3) What is your skill level? (Please choose from the
following:) -Beginner -Novice -Intermediate -Advanced
-Expert (Intermediate)
4) What is the name of your deck? (Please choose
something I can print on the Pojo... and yes, this is
a problem with some people!) psychodelic
5) What is your deck all about? If your deck has a
strategy, tell me about it in detail. If your deck is
a theme deck, describe the theme to me. In essence,
tell me what was running through your mind when you
slapped together this pile of cards. shut down any
strategy your opponent has by using my imposter
proffesor oak and imposter oaks revenge and byalso
using sleep and paralyses while keeping a strong
defense slowly dominating your opponent
6) Which of the following would you prefer? -That the
deck be tuned to win as consistently and as often as
possible -That the theme of the deck (if any) be
adhered to, at the expense of strategy if need be -A
balance between the two, tuning the deck to win but
maintaining theme where possible (-That the deck be
tuned to win as consistently and as often as
7) Is there any card in the deck that you DO NOT want
taken out under ANY circumstances? If you do not
specify this, I'll assume that anything is fair game.
For example, if your favorite Pokemon is Onix, you
need to tell me, because I will quite possibly target
any Onixes as early candidates for removal. *grin* No
8) List the cards in your deck for me, dividing them
into Pokemon, Trainers, and Energy. Divide Pokemon by
color, and list components of evolution chains
together. Give a count of the number of cards in each
category (for example, 18 Pokemon, 22 Trainers, 20
Energy). If the count does not add up to 60, your deck
will find itself in the circular file with astonishing
17 Pokemon:
Abra x3
Team Rocket Kadabra x3
Slowpoke x2
Team Rocket Slowbro x1
fossil Drowzee x2
Gastly x2
Haunter x2
Mr. Mime x1
Chansey x1
16 Trainers:
Super Potion x1
Super Energy Removal x1
Energy Removal x4
Switch x3
Gust of Wind x2
Imposter Professor Oak x3
Imposter Oaks Revenge x1
The Rockets Trap x1
25 Psychic Energys
9) The following cards are cards I believe should be
present in just about every deck: -Professor Oak
-Computer Search -Item Finder -Gust of Wind -Nightly
Garbage Run If any of the above mentioned cards are
NOT in your deck, explain their absence here, and do a
darned good job. In our opinion some of these weren't
needed in this deck:Computer Search, Item
Finder,Professor Oak, and we don't own Nightly Garbage
Run at this time
10) If any of the card choices in your deck require
special explanation to prevent me from taking one look
at them, screaming, and lapsing into a coma, please
provide such explanation here. Examples of such cards
would be Here Comes Team Rocket!, Pokeflute, and
Tickle Machine (to name a few). "It came in my theme
deck" or "I got it in a booster and it looked cool"
are NOT good explanations. No
11) Is there anything else you think I should know?
(If so, what?) We are thinking about replacing Chansey
with Snorlax. The reason we don't have more Super
Energy Removals is that we only own one at this time.
If we did we would trade the The Rockets Trap and one
switch for two more SER.


Okay, your theme is to destroy your opponent's hand
while whacking them with Status effects. Good enough.
I can work with that.

1) You've got a fairly erratic array of Pokemon. Let's
go through your listing and analyze each of them.

Dark Kadabra: Useful only for his Power. Doesn't
support the theme. He's gone.
Dark Slowbro: Useful only for his Power. In other
words, not very. Doesn't support the theme. He's gone.
"Fossil" Drowzee: Since there's no such thing as
Fossil Drowzee, I can only assume you refer to the
Team Rocket version. In a properly constructed deck,
this could be useful, but here it seems like it would
shoot you in the foot more often than not. For
example, I hear a wrong flip with an active Haunter
can be some bad. But we won't write him off just yet.
(More on this in a second.)
Haunter: Speaking of which, that had better be the
Fossil version. Assuming it is, he's good and he can
Mr. Mime: Might be a good metagame choice in certain
environments. In general, though, this guy has lost
his onetime glory and is now no more than an
invitation to be Smogged or Jabbed to death.
Chansey: Almost never bad.

A comment you made near the end, about possibly
replacing Chansey with Snorlax, made me wonder if you
weren't trying to go for some sort of Drowzee/Dark
Gloom/Snorlax deck. If you were, it sure wasn't very
obvious, but that's a possibility. I'm going to go
ahead and fix your deck on the assumption that it's
supposed to be a mono-psychic status effects deck.
With that in mind, what do we want?

-Haunter. Unless you are just plain unlucky, it is
extremely difficult for your opponents to touch this
guy. That alone is reason enough to play him here.

-Sabrina's Haunter L29. Basically, Fossil Haunter with
20 more HP, no Power, and a beefed-up attack. While
more vulnerable, it still has auto-sleep, which makes
it a significant force to deal with. As far as
Sabrina's Gastly goes, I'd run either the L10 or L16.

-Chansey. I suppose you can consider "Scrunch" a
status effect, and Chansey is just good sometimes. It
can soak up damage, it can stall, and it can even go
aggro in a pinch.

That's your basic Pokemon lineup. Now on to trainers.

2) Your trainers are all over the place, and they
don't support your theme very well. First of all,
delete Switch (??!!) and Super Potion. Now to work on
destroying your opponent's hand. I don't like Imposter
Oak, it basically just gives your opponent a Professor
Utsugi without the drawback, and if they have a good
deck their chances of getting a good hand off the IO
are just too high to make it a good option. IOR is
better, especially if you get it to go off on the
first turn and then RSA them. This is similar to a
Trap deck, except you won't be running any Trap. With
that in mind, 4 each IOR and RSA.

Now, there's the standard array of trainers that will
be in pretty much every single deck I ever fix until
the end of time. If you honestly cannot figure out
what these are, check the deck listing.

3) 25 energy. And all psychic. My oh my oh my.

Try this slimmed-up energy array:

4 DCE (Chansey, Chansey CHANSEY)
12-13 Psychic

Considering that no attack uses more than 2 Psychic
energy, this will be enough. Did I mention you've got
Fossil Gastly in this deck too?


17 Pokemon:

4 Gastly
3 Haunter
4 Sabrina's Gastly
3 Sabrina's Haunter L29
3 Chansey

26 Trainers:

4 Imposter Oak's Revenge
4 Rocket's Sneak Attack
4 Oak
3 Bill
3 Computer Search
2 Item Finder
4 Nightly Garbage Run

17 Energy:

13 Psychic Energy


Okay, we've started with a theme and pretty much
rebuilt the deck up from there. I think the new deck
should be pretty nasty. Good luck with it!


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