Hi Souper. This is a new deck that i have put together and would like to get your help to 
make it better. I call it Drill Effect, it is differant than i what i am used to playing 
as my other main decks are a 40 trainer sponge and a 36 trainer Wiggy. It is a Bedrill 
status effect deck that I have been working on. The object is to get Scyther out first 
and biuld up one of the evoles to do damage and effect them.

Heres Drill Effect

4 weedle
3 Bedrill
3 S venonat
2 S venomoth
3 sycther
2 koffing

4 oak
2 bill
3 pc search
3 breeder
3 trader
4 ER
2 item finder

3 db collorless
16 grass

thanks for your help Chris  
Status effects are good and the deck is built well. The only major thing I see is that Sabrina's Venomoth has very limited contributions. In a mono Grass deck it can only use Healing Powder, and may not be worth the space it requires. I think Jungle Venomoth would work better, and it's a good status effect Pok閙on. Other than that it looks well built and pretty good.

Like I said, I'd use Jungle Venomoth instead of Sabrina's. Let's make the family 4/3 too. Instead of Koffing you could go with TR Oddish, the ability to choose the effect are nice, and his cheaper attacks make him faster than Koffing.

These are very balanced already, and the only change I can see is taking out the ER for 2 GOW and 2 Scoop Up.

Just drop two Grass to make room and you should be fine. Here's the finished deck:
Pok閙on ()
4 Weedle
3 Beedrill
4 Venonat
3 Venomoth
3 Scyther
2 TR Oddish

Trainers ()
4 Oak
2 Bill
3 Com. Search
3 Breeder
3 Trader
2 Scoop Up
2 Item Finder

Energy ()
3 Double Colorless
16 Grass
Hope that helps, and good luck!

~ Souper ~