*ding ding!*
SATOSHI: Sorry about that....just getting the shop ready for Halloween
tonight. That's Ace Novelty Company's "Spook-tacular" scary sounds CD. They
may make faulty rocket boot and parachutes, but their Halloween supplies are
top notch. But anyway, let's get to fixing the deck.

One of my local card stores was running a tourney called the T15, or in
simpler terms, you can only have 15 trainers in your deck. If you were in
the tourney you didn't have to follow the T15 rule, but if you did, you
got extra points and such. I decided to take up the challenge and here is
my deck ready to be tweaked and revised...

P.S.- It already did very good.


2 Brock's Lickitung
2 Mr. Mime
2 Misty's Psyduck (GYM 2)
1 Haunter (Base)
2 Haunter (Fossil)
3 Sabrina's Abra (GYM 2)
4 Gastly (Fossil)
2 Gengar
2 Koga's Ditto
3 Movie Promo Mewtwo
1 Nintendo Power Mewtwo


3 Gust of  Wind
2 Nightly Garbage Run
4 Potion
3 Full Heal
3 Energy Removal

SATOSHI: Okay...I see we're going for a psychic theme. Perfect for
Halloween. :) Let's get to work.
Okay, let's take out the NP Mewtwo for a fourth MP Mewtwo. Next, take out
the base Haunter for another Koga's Ditto. Now, instead of the fossil
ghosts, let's use the Sabrina line. In exchange for the four Gastly, pop in
three Sabrina's Gastly lv10. Now, remove the fossil Haunter(and using the
space from the Gastly)for three Sabrina's Haunter lv29. Finally, out come
the fossil Gengar and the Sabrina's Abra for three Sabrina's Gengar lv42 and
two Sabrina's Drowzee lv18.
Out come the Potion for four Professor Oak. Next, out come the Full Heal for
three Computer Search. Everything else looks good.
Take out three Psychic Energy for three Full Heal Energy.
<<we were down one card, so I added in another FHE>>
17 Psychic Energy
4 Full Heal Energy
3 Sabrina's Gastly lvlv10
3 Sabrina's Haunter lv29
3 Sabrina's Gengar lv42
2 Sabrina's Drowzee lv18
2 Brock's Likitung lv
2 Mr. Mime
2 Misty's Psyduck
3 Koga's Ditto
4 Mewtwo lv60
4 Professor Oak
3 Computer Search
2 Nightly Garbage Run
3 Gust of Wind
3 Energy Removal

SATOSHI: There you go! Now, I gotta go get my Blastoise costume out of
storage...and I have to get Blastoise his Satoshi costume.
As you can probabally guess, things get wierd around here on Halloween. ;)
Good Luck and Happy Gaming!!