*ding ding!*
SATOSHI: Howdy! Let's check the deck!
Could you please revise my deck, "Dragon Dance?"

"DO NOT," I repeat, "DO NOT," I reiterate, "DO NOT," under any circumstance
make this a Prop 15/3C deck.

My skill level is advanced-expert.  You can assume that I can and will get
my hands on almost any card (I'm a slick trader.)  I need to make it more in
tune with the gym heroes and especially Challenge cards.

Here is my deck list:

Pokemon (14)

2 Articuno
3 Lapras
4 Rocket Squirtle
2 Dark Blastoise
3 Blastoise

Trainers (34)
3 Bill
2 ER
2 Energy Flow
2 Pokemon Center
4 CPU Search
4 Oak
4 Pokemon Breeder
2 Scoop Up
2 Pluspower
2 Itemfinder

Energy (12)

12 Water Energies

The strategy is to get lapras out, with Blastoise on the bench, use lapras
as a sponge, Scoop him Up, send Articuno, and use D. Blastoise to mop up.
SATOSHI: Hmm...let's get to work.
Okay, everything looks okay here. But, just for fun, let's take out the ER,
SER, and the NGR for three Misty's Magikarp, two Misty's Gyarados, and
another PlusPower. Now you can use the name "Dragon Dance" with pride. :)
I know it interferes with the startegy, but let's take out the Scoop Up for
two more W energy. Next, out come the Energy Flow and Pokemon Center for
three more Water Energy and another PlusPower. That should do for now.
17 should be fine. Let's move on.
17 Water Energy
4 Squirtle(tr)
3 Blastoise
2 Dark Blastoise
3 Lapras
2 Articuno
3 Misty's Magikarp
2 Misty's Gyarados
3 Bill
4 Professor Oak
4 Computer Search
4 Pokémon Breeder
4 PlusPower
3 Gust of Wind
2 Itemfinder

SATOSHI: There y'are!! Good Luck and Happy Gaming!!