*ding ding!*
SATOSHI: Howdy! Here we go!
This deck is a strong deck, it even has beaten water decks!!! Of course you
know by the title who the main pokémon is, well along with the deck.

4 Blaine Ponyta (Hind kick.)
4 Blaine Rapidash
2 Fossil Magmar
2 Jungle Lickitung
2 Blaine Vulpix (Lv. 18 )
2 Blaine Ninetails

2 Blaine
2 Gust Of Wind
2 Gambler
2 Professor Oak
3 Potion
4 Bill
4 Energy Removal

2 Double Colorless (For Rapidash and Lickitung.)
23 Fire Energies

The main goal of this deck is to stall with the Lickitung and  Magmar, in
order to charge up Ninetails and Rapidash. If I fail with Burn Up I'll
Blaine the energies back.
SATOSHI: Okay, let's get to work.
Okay, let's remove the Likitung for another Blaine's Vulpix and Ninetales,
making the family 3-3. That's all the help the Pokémon need.
Let's remove the Potion for two more Professor Oak and another Blaine. Next,
remove the Gambler for two Cinnibar City Gym.
The Energy looks fine. No problems here.
Fire is evil. >:)

SATOSHI: That's all for now! Good luck and happy gaming!!