*ding ding!*
SATOSHI: Okey dokey...let's get to work, shall we?
Hey Satoshi:

I have this deck Transparent Plasma.  It works okay, but I'm not sure what
to change about it.  The strategy is simple.  I stall with Lickitung,
Gastly/Haunter, and sometimes Electabuzz(by paralysis) until I get out
Mewtwo, Electabuzz, or Zapdos for the heavy hits.  Also, I can retrieve
energy through Gastly, Mewtwo or Zapdos(provided I need it).  I'm trying to
keep a Prop 15-3C style on this, so try to keep it that way.  Naturally the
Resistance Gym is in there in case of Psychic Resistance.  I try not to use
this unless entirely necessary.

Here's the deck list:

Pokemon 18

3 Fossil Gastly
3 Fossil Haunter
3 Movie Mewtwo
3 Electabuzz
3 Rocket's Zapdos
3 Lickitung

Trainers 15

3 Pro Oak
3 Comp Search
2 Scoop Up
2 Gust
2 Switch
2 Resistance Gym
1 Narrow Gym

Energy 27

9 Psychic
9 Electric
3 Full Heal
3 Potion

Well, I'd appreciate the help if you can.
SATOSHI: Okay, I do see a few things that can be bettered.
Okay...I would suggest the removal of the Likitung for three Brock's
Likitung. However, if you're in the mood for free retreat and the ability to
drive your opponents insane, go with three Scyther. The other Pokémon look
In a Prop15/3C deck, every trainer counts. Let's remove the Switch for
another Gust of Win(d) and Narrow Gym. Besides that, they look okay.
If you're going to use Scyther, let's take out the three Potion Energy for
three Grass Energy. If not, leave the energy the way it is. The Grass Energy
can be used as a surprise tactic to get some extra damage in.
All I did was give this deck a gentle shove in the right direction-but it
was going that way already. Great job!!

SATOSHI: There ya go! Good luck and happy gaming!!