*ding ding!*
SATOSHI: Get to it we shall, hmmm? Heh...sorry. I've been watching The
Phantom Menace again. ;)
Here my deck.I been losing to turbo tuff decks in my area so i build this
deck to beat the turbo tuffs and speedy pokemon. Every in my area uses DCE,
lots of trainers and is very fast. plz help me.

Pokemon (17)
4 Electabuzzs
3 TR. Zapdos
3 Scythers
3 rocket's set voltob
2 Base Electrode
2 Kangaskhan

3 CPU searches
3 oaks
4 defenders
3 pluspowers
2 lass
3 Itemfinder
3 Gust of wind

14 electric NRG
2 Full Heal Energy
(19 NRG)
SATOSHI: Well. I like the inclusion of Electrode. Let's see what we can do.
Take out the Kangaskahn for another Voltorb and Electrode. These guys should
really help power up Zapdos in a hurry-if you don't mind losing a few
Take out one Defender for another PlusPower. Next, let's remove two Electric
Energy for two Bill. Let's also remove a Lass for a third Bill.
If you want, You could try this: remove on Electabuzz, the two Full Heal
Energy, and two more Electric Energy and add in five Grass Energy. This will
help you get some HEAVY damage-and put your opponent in the hot seat. Ohter
than that, stick a fork in it. We're done. :)
Wow. TR Zapdos is very evil. And when paired with his 'buzz brotha and the
green mean slashing machine...your opponent is in for some pain. ;)

SATOSHI: I guess that's it for now. No really, I'm done. No, I'm pretty sure
that's it. No, I'm postive that I wasn't simply confused by the
ballet...*sigh*...no, I'm SURE my work is done here.
No...I don't want a recount, thank you. * Good luck and happy gaming!!

*-this entire thing was a play on the 2000 presidnetial election fiasco.
Satoshi's Shop was in no way trying to push his political outlook on anyone
else. If you wanna vote for...*shudder*...GORE...that's fine with us. ;) j/k