Hiya Kittyfox,
My name is Peach and I have an upcoming
tornument do you think you could help
with the deck(It's called Evaloutionair):

3Nidoran male
3 Poliwag
2 Poliwhirl
2 energy retrival
2 Super energy removal
2Pokemon breeders
1 Professor oak
2 Potion
1 Gust of wind
10 water energy
15 grass energy
I play this deck by using EVALOUTION
Due to the East Coast STS rules, I'm going to show everyone how they might modify and make this deck ready for that tournament. I will be doing this style of a fix at least until the East Coast STS is done. 3 max of any card except basic energy and 15 trainers...

You've got a good start here, but I think if you were to drop the Poliwag line and add the Dratini/Dark Dragonair combination instead, you'd find a lot more success. It's power "Evolutionary Light" which fits right into your theme, really helps you speed through your deck.

We'll also add Chanseys, for the chance that we might be able to move enough energy onto one, Double-Edge, then use Pokemon Center the next turn.

Pokemon (11 Basic + 11 Evols = 22 Total):
3 Nidoran (M)
2 Nidorino
2 Nidoking
3 Bulbasaur
2 Ivysaur
2 Venusaur
3 Dratini
3 Dark Dragonair
2 Chansey

For energy, we focus on Grass and Specials only!

Energy (18 Basic + 5 Special = 23 Total):
18 Grass
3 Double Colorless
2 Full Heal Energy

That leaves us with room for our 15 trainers. We want to focus on card drawing and stall.

Trainers (15 Total):
3 Erika
3 Professor Oak
2 Scoop Up
2 Gust of Wind
3 Pokemon Center
2 Item Finder

Good luck to you in your battles!