Hey Kittyfox wassup? This is my Hit and Run deck. It is based around three 
awesome cards, Brock's Primeape., Alakzam, and Rocket's Mewtwo. Primeape's 
power is awesome. It reads:

If Brock's Primeape ever has exactly 10 HP left shuffle it and all cards 
attached to it into your deck. This power stops working while Brock's 
Primeape is Asleep, Confused, Or Paralyzed.

This power is plain awesome! It works great with it's attack or with 
Alakazam. The Rocket's Mewtwo also works great with alakazam. use damage swap 
to add 6 damage counters (or as many as you need as long as you don't know it 
out) on to the Mewtwo. Use juxtapose and hope for the best.  Anyway here is 
the listing. Can you help me fix this deck?

Pokemon 22
4 brock's Mankey (lv. 12, gym heroes)
3 Brock's Primeape
4 Abra (Rocket)
3 Kadabra
3 Alakazam
3 Rocket's Mewtwo 
2 Sabrina's Jynx (lv. 21, challenge) works well with Pokedex

Trainers 20
4 Switch
4 prof. oak
4 Bill
4 Energy Removal
2 Pokedex (for sabrina's jynx)
2 Pokemon Center (works well with Alakazam)

this deck has done pretty well in tournaments. It's record is 20-4. 

An interesting twist on the popular Alakazam theme. Although Alakazam has lost some significant popularity lately, he does still seep his way into the tournament scene on a regular basis. You may find greater success, however, if you remove the Jynx's in favor of Movie Promo Mewtwos.

Pokemon (10 Basic + 8 Evols = 18 Total):
3 Brock's Mankey L12
2 Brock's Primeape
4 Abra (TR)
3 Kadabra
3 Alakazam
3 Mewtwo (Movie)

One thing I noticed about your submission was you didn't include energy in it. Oops! *^_^* ... let's remedy that with a little bit of psychic and fighting power for you.

Energy (14 Basic + 4 Special = 18 Total):
8 Psychic
6 Fighting
4 Double Colorless

That leaves us with room for 24 trainers. Let's focus on card drawing and things to help with our Alakazam stall power. Scrap the Pokedex and Energy Removals. They aren't going to help you in this style of deck.

Trainers (24 Total):
4 Bill
3 Professor Oak
3 Computer Search
3 Nightly Garbage Run
2 Trash Exchange
3 Pokemon Center
2 Pokemon Breeder
2 Resistance Gym
2 Item Finder

Best of luck to you!