Hi my name is michael and my deck is fast and it cane beat haymakers and it has beat a blastoise deck. Here is my deck:

1 kangaskhan
3 scyther
4 magmar(fossil)
4 growlithe
4 arcanine

4 nightly garbage run
2 no removal gym
2 gust of wind
4 plus power
2 item finder
2 computer search
3 bill
4 professor oak

17 fire energy
4 double colorless

The idea is to plat magmar and scyther as long as you can while you build up arcanine on your bench then bring arcanine to get the last few prizes.
Puppy Power! Let's start off with a minor change in Kangaskhan being pulled in favor of Chansey. Chansey is bigger, can hit harder, and has a lower retreat. You don't really need the Kangaskhan draw power in this deck if you have a good trainer mix.

Pokemon (12 Basic + 4 Evols = 16 Total):
1 Chansey
3 Scyther
4 Magmar (Fossil)
4 Growlithe
3 Arcanine
1 Arcanine (Promo)

Now let's get some of that flaming goodness.

Energy (14 Basic + 4 Special = 18 Total):
14 Fire
4 Double Colorless

That leaves us with room for 26 trainers. Let's focus on card drawing and things to keep our Arcanines safe while we power them up.

Trainers (26 Total):
4 Bill
3 Professor Oak
3 Computer Search
3 Nightly Garbage Run
2 Trash Exchange
3 Energy Removal
3 Super Energy Removal
3 No Removal Gym
2 Item Finder

Puppy Power!