hi kitty fox,
╩╩╩ this is a revision of a deck i used at the sts in schaumburg, as a matter of fact, i played you with my raindance in the league zone.could you fix it for me so I can use it in a tournament,please use a max of 3 cards and╩exclude promos as they are illegal in this format.
3erikas dratini
2rocket scyther
3comp search
3super potion
3gust of wind
3 item finder
3professor oak
2scoop up
2trash exchange(get back dce and rsa's)
3no removal gym
1full heal energy
2potion energy
9grass energy
the point is to knock off their pokemon early,and if i cant i use stalling tactics until i can get then with chansey
*chuckles* Well, hello again then =). Always good to hear from people that I've met, even if I may not remember everyone's name. So you are playing a quick deck. Not sure why you call this sponge, as it abandons the whole principle of absorbing energy up from the discard pile onto your active pokemon. This was the concept that developed that style of deck when I played one of the first ones against Scott Gerhardt's Potpourri. I think I see where you are going with this deck though, and I'm going to abandon my Prop 15/3C deck fixes only for you so that I can make some suggestions for your format. I'm not sure about the use of Erika's Dratini in this deck. You may find Erika's Jigglypuff supporting your quick theme better. With a Double Colorless, this pokemon can drop a quick 40 points of damage on the opponent first turn. Of course, then you'll need to swap for one of your other hitters... but it is still handy, especially with plus powers. I also recommend taking out the Rocket Scythers in favor of something else that can do your desired quick damage. In this case, I'd probably recommend Rocket Zapdos for the quick 20 it offers and it can build up to do 70, which takes out quite a bit of those competitors.

Pokemon (13 Basic + NO Evols = 13 Total):
3 Erika's Jigglypuff
3 Scyther
3 Chansey
2 Ditto
2 Rocket Zapdos

For energy, we will focus on Lightning, Grass, and Specials.

Energy (15 Basic + 3 Special = 18 Total):
8 Lightning
7 Grass
3 Double Colorless

That leaves us with room for 29 trainers. A solid number. We'll focus on using disruption and card drawing techniques.

Trainers (29 Total):
3 Erika
3 Professor Oak
2 Computer Search
3 Rocket Sneak Attack
3 Imposter Oak's Revenge
2 Team Rocket's Trap
3 Gust of Wind
3 Plus Power
2 No Removal Gym
2 Nightly Garbage Run
1 Trash Exchange
2 Item Finder

With this trainer mix, use Erikas, Oaks, and Searches... then play an Imposter Oak, followed by a Sneak Attack or Trap on your first turn. This will give you an excellent start while setting your opponent back to half of their starting cards or worse. Plus, with the Nightly Garbage Run, Trash Exchange, and Item Finders, you can have a potentially infinite deck. Enjoy!