Original Deck

Hey this is my deck it uses Computer Error "Promo 16" to run down my opponets deck and then use Moltres's Wildfire to really burn down the deck

2 Moltres
4 Magmar (Fossil)
4 Farfetch
1 Clefairy
1 Clefaible

4 Computer Error (Promo 16)
2 Bill
4 Potion
3 SuperPotion
3 Energy Retrival
2 Pokeball
4 Gust of Wind

26 Fire Energy

Deck Fix

Deck Focus
   nice original deck idea. However, there is a little trouble with the focus. Don't forget that in order to stall them, pokemon center and scoop up will be more effective than the potion types. Also, the evolution line...it's so weak and hard to get out with only a 1/1 line that it's best not bothering having it in the deck. Just a couple notes, nothing major, but it should help the deck overall.

   First major thing: drop the Clefairy/Clefable line. That'll free up a couple cards and it's doing no good there to start with. Also, your deck is focused on moltres but only has 2 copies...definately increase it to 3. Since you don't really build up moltres on the bench usually, having multiples out won't be a big deal, but you want to be able to get 2 out, and still have 1 in prizes. 3 will work great. Farfetch'd...nice :) original, not scyther...scyther would do better, but who would i be to remove the cute bird? :)

   Well, actually the energy looks nice. But for farfetch'd you'll want DCE's, and maybe to retreat moltres too...so take out 4 fire and add in 4 DCE's.

   Drop the Potions and Super Potions and add in 4 Pokemon Center and 4 Scoop Up. Use NGR instead of energy retrieval. Drop the pokeballs and bills and add in 4 Erikas.

Final Deck

Pokemon: 11
3 Moltres
4 Magmar (Fossil)
4 Farfetch

Trainers: 23
4 Computer Error (Promo 16)
4 Erika
4 Pokemon Center
4 Scoop Up
4 Gust of Wind

Energy: 26
22 Fire Energy

Good luck with the deck!