The following deck was built for those who don't have the Energy colors they need for their other decks.     

"No-Energy Stall"    


3 (TR) Abra    
2 Kadabra    
2 Alakazam     
4 Grimer (either)     
3 Dark Muk     
2 Chansey     
3 Doduo     
2 Dodrio     
3 (TR) Ratata     


3 Here Comes Team Rocket!     
3 Energy Removal     
3 Pokemon Center     
3 Scoop Up     
3 Gust of Wind     
3 Switch     
3 Computer Search     
3 Item Finder     
3 Imposter Professor Oak     
3 Rocket's Training Gym     
3 Nightly Garbage Run     
3 Rocket's Sneak Attack     

Obviously, the goal of  this deck is to "deck" your opponent.  Get Alakazam out ASAP and shuffle your damage around to the Chansies.  Also have Dark Muk as your Active and Rocket's Training Gym in play to freeze a weak Basic in its tracks.  Dodrio is used to lower your retreat costs to zero.     When you can, turn over your prize cards with Here Comes Team Rocket!, and then use Ratata to swap them in and out at will.  Pokemon Center and Scoop Up are your healing cards.  Nightly Garbage Run adds to your draw pile, while Imposter Professor Oak subtracts from your opponent's.  Computer Search and Item Finder will get you the needed cards, Gust of Wind whisks away your opponent's heavy-hitters, and Switch retreats your Pokemon if you don't have Dodrio.     I am open to any suggestions, but please keep this an Energy-less deck.


I still haven't had the chance to play with or against a no energy stall deck, but I think that Mr. Mime or Erika's Dratini are necessary because of their pokemon powers. The Ratata idea is pretty good, but it requires you to play with a very weak Pokemon that can easily be knocked out with a gust of wind. If you're trying to deck your opponent you shouldn't play with Rocket's Sneak Attack. You should use 4 pokemon center, 4 Nightly Garbage Run, 4 Item Finder and 2 Mr. Fuji to help you deck your opponent.   

Your New Deck

The extra Kadabra and Dodrio will help your deck set up faster, and the extra Chansey and Scythers will give you stronger Pokemon to start off with

Pokemon (26):

3x (TR) Abra
3x Kadabra
3x Alakazam
3x Grimer
2x D. Muk
3x Chansey
3x Doduo
3x Dodrio
2x Scyther
1x Mr. Mime

The Challenge! and the Pokemon Trader will help you set up a lot faster. I think that gambler will help you in the late game when you're holding a lot of Pokemon in your hand, and the random Erika is there in case you need to draw a Scoop Up or something like that (Don't worry they'll draw cards too).

Trainers (34):

4x Pokemon Center
2x Scoop Up
2x Mr. Fuji
4x Item Finder
4x Nightly Garbage Run
3x Energy Removal
3x Gust of Wind
3x Switch
2x Challenge!
2x Pokemon Trader
2x Gambler
2x TR Gym
1x Erika


Like I said before I've never played with a no energy stall deck, but if I ever had to this is what I would play. Good luck with your new deck and please let me know how you do.