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Beaming Bubbles
Deck Type: Non Archetype
November 8, 2000





Skill level: between Intermiadiate and Novice

Speed Metagame: from slow to medium

My strategy is Beat down

Beaming Bubbles
4 misty's shellder (gym heroes)
2 misty's cloyster (gym heroes)
2 misty's seel (heroes)
2 misty's seel (gym challenge)
3 dewgong (basic)
2 misty's poliwag (heroes)
2 misty's poliwag (challenge)
3 misty's poliwhirl (heroes)
1 misty's poliwrath (heroes)
1 poliwath (basic)
4 magikarp (rocket)
2 Dark Gyrados (rocket)
1 Cerulean city gym
3 nawwow gym
1 sabrina's ESP
2 misty's duel
4 potion

22 water energy

my deck does ok but not good. that's why im sending it you.the problems i've
encountered are the right pokemon dont come out at the right time. im always
stuck with a bad hand.clectric decks give me problems(of course). Blain's
Moltres gives me a bit of problems because it keeps on coming back and
coming back.

If you can, would you keep this deck with dark gyarados'. and please, no

Hey, Zack...

I can see why you are having problems seeing the Pokemon you need.  Focus, focus, focus is the answer.  You need to reduce the types of cards you are using and increase the numbers of the best ones that you keep.  


From your list I chose the Pokemon that I feel will do the best for you and brought their numbers up a bit.  This will give you a much better chance of drawing the one you need.  Another note is that you cannot evolve a base Dewgong from a Misty's Seel... they are 2 different lines... same with the Wrath line.  I'm taking out the stage 3's.  Misty's Poliwhirl is an amazing beat-down, so I'll stick with that partial line.  I kept Dark Gyarados per your request.  I'm adding in Articuno as an excellent basic that is resistant to fighting and not weak to lightning.  If you don't have any, try Lapras as another excellent basic.


We're going to try for some helpful stuff here.  Use Gaze until you feel comfortable going to Professor Oak.  No Removal Gym should help protect your energy, and PlusPower could help you destroy a Pokemon a turn earlier.  Bill is a simple card that will put extra cards you may need into your hand.  I'll keep Potion in as it's easy to start with and use.


Sounds good to me.

New Deck Listing:

Pokémon - #22
4 Seel
3 Dewgong 
4 Misty's Poliwag (heroes)
3 Misty's Poliwhirl (heroes)
3 Magikarp (rocket)
2 Dark Gyarados
3 Articuno

Trainers - #16
2 No Removal Gym
4 Sabrina's Gaze (change to Oak when you feel more advanced)
4 Bill
3 Plus Powers
3 Potion

Energy - #22
22 Water Energy


Good luck!

 ~ Doll

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