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Stone Barrage
Deck Type: Non-Archetype
November 15, 2000


Name: Charles

mIRC nickname (if you have one): Xavier

Email Address: Ctimm@pembine.k12.wi.us

Skill Level: Beginner

Speed Metagame in your area: Fast

Strategy of your deck: Evolution

Deck Name: Stone Barrage

Deck Listing

    Pokemon:  20

    #  Name                                  Set

    2  Onix                                    Base
    3  Brock's Onix  Lv 41            Gym 1
    1  Brock's Geodude Lv 15      Gym 2
    2  Brock's Geodude Lv 13      Gym 1
    2  Brock's Graveler Lv 30       Gym 1
    1  Brock's Golem                    Gym 1
    4  Geodude                             Fossil
    3  Graveler                              Fossil
    2  Golem                                 Fossil

   Trainer:  20

    4  Switch
    2  Super Potion
    2  Gust of Wind
    2  Transparent Walls
    2  Energy Retrieval
    2  Brock's Training Method
    2  Professor Oak
    2  Lass
    2 Pewter City Gym

   Energy:  20

    20 Fighting Energy

    The idea of my deck is to stall untill I get my Golems out.
    My Pokemon:  The Base Onix are there for harden to stall, and
Brock's because of the high HP and bellow.

                           The Geodude lines are to attack.  The Golems
are there to use Avalanche and if need be Selfdestruct.

    My Trainers:  The Switches are to switch out my Golems if they get
in trouble, since they have a very high retreat cost.

                         Super Potions to heal and the Energy Retievals
to get the NRG back from the Super Poes and retreat.

                         The Training Method to get out my Brock line,
and Pro. Oak to make this deck a little faster.

                         The Gust o Winds to help attacks, and the
Transparent Walls to pro tect my self from Slfdestruct.

                         Lass to keep away NRG removals, and Pewter Gym
to protect from Sycthers and other Flyers.

    Past Plays have been good to me.  I have been very lucky in my
games.  I know this deck is VERY slow, but I have survived it long
enough to get my Golems out.  I am looking for an improvement to let me
have a better chance to survive long enough to attack at full power.  My
usaual oppenants use Evo decks as well, but one has plans for a Rain
Dance deck.

    If you need to take out something do not remove the Base Golem line,
this is what this deck is based on.

Heya, Charles!

This is another great deck!  Hey all you other people, if you want your deck to have any chance of being seen here, do like Charles did... submit something original!  As you can see by my submission guidelines, I am only looking at Non-Archetype decks presently.  And what will draw my attn to your deck over ALL those other submissions?  Decently constructed original decks with good ideas for a different combo... Charles is using a long-forgotten card considered crap... Fossil Golem... and borrowing a brand new card that alone would be crap... Transparent Walls... and putting them together and making them NOT crap as a combo!  It's actually a really cool idea!  It's different! It's innovative!  THAT'S WHAT I WANT TO SEE!!!!  *is happy and doing the Snoopy dance...*


Well, I REALLY wanted to stay in theme here.  But you know, the whole thought of a just a single Scyther lurking out there just scared the begeebees outta me.  Dude, they've got your number.  If you were my opponent and I was playing my favorite Dk Muk deck, your rocks (rock Pokemon, that is...) would be molten piles of misshapen uselessness before you could blink.  Gust... DIE, FOUL DEMON GEODUDE!!!  *shudders*.... So, my solution is to add in a Fire Pokemon to deal with Scy and friends, Blaine's Ponyta.  His colorless attack does 20 (40 to Scy).  If you totally object, go ahead and pull him out and put your Onix Pokemon back and pray for no grass to show it's face.  I yanked the Brock's Golem line... it just isn't worth it.  The base line is just that much better.


Scoop seems to be a good addition to get your Onix out of harms way when he's almost spent.  I just don't think you can justify the expense of Super Potion here... let's give you Potion instead.  Transparent Walls is a great way to protect your bench during Golem's final assault.  I think NGR may be a better choice here since you are only running mono color, and because you are running evos... if you lose a Golem or Graveler for some reason, you may need to shuffle it back in.  If it does more harm than good, go ahead and go back to the Energy Retrievals.  Since you have almost no Brock's Pokemon left, I'm replacing your Gym with Resistance Gym which should help with ALL your pokemon vs. Scyther and other fight resistant Pokemon.  As with any 60 damage attack, PlusPower should get your over the hump for 1 turn kills with Golem.  Item Finder turns into any trainer in your grave, so it's a great asset in this deck that utilizes many different trainers.


Adjusting your Fighting #'s for more room and adding 2 DCE for Pony.


Okay, this was a major restructuring... I may have messed too much with the mojo, or I may have helped tremendously... only time and playtesting on your part will tell.  Give it a go and see what works for you.  Keep what works and go back to what you miss... somewhere in there is a the best deck for your play style!!!

New Deck Listing:

Pokémon - #16
4  Brock's Onix  Lv 41            Gym 1
4  Geodude                            Fossil
3  Graveler                            Fossil
3  Golem                                Fossil
2  Blaine's Ponyta Lv 13         Challenge

Trainers - #25
3  Switch
2  Scoop Up
3  Potion
3  Gust of Wind
2  Transparent Walls
2  Professor Oak
2  Nightly Garbage Run
2  Resistance Gym
3  Plus Power
3  Item Finder

Energy - #19
17 Fighting Energy
2 Double Colorless Energy


Have fun, and thanks for the original submission!

 ~ Doll

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