Hiya everyone! Finally after about 8 weeks of seclusion, my
secretary has come back to me.
   She was participating in a CBS spinoff of Survivor and Big
Brother, named Survivor Beverly Hills. Sixteen elitist snobs from all
over were placed into one mansion with only the barest of luxuries
and forced to cohabitate for as long as possible.
  Each week, as in Survivor, someone was kicked out and told to
go back to reality. This past weekend, my secretary was given the
heave ho, although nobody is certain why.
   She was the 8th person to get removed, but nobody really saw
this coming. I guess it should serve as a lesson though, that when
someone asks for Hawaiian Kona blend coffee and you give them
Columbian, you're just asking for trouble.
  So she is back here ignoring her work as usual. Trish, the interrim
secretary, packed up her stuff and went back to the temp agency
dimension from whence she came, but she took my pencil
sharpener and hand towels for the kitchen, so I'm gonna have to
track her down eventually.

    Now that the correct personnel is in place, maybe some order
can be set around here. I've noticed the frequency of accidental
fires has dropped in the past 24 hours. That's good.
    I suspect you came here to get your deck fixed, hmmm? Well,
now that I've got my regular secretary back, I can fix these decks a
bit more problem free. Let us go into my inner office where I can
scope out your deck and we'll begin.
>     Hey Dr.Crash!
> I have a deck I would like you to fix!  In case you are wondering the deck's name means Lightning'll Always Strike Twice, but I find it a little too long.  Okay, to the point.  I want to prove my strength as a player.  My plan for doing this is to defeat the local Gym Leader at the Pokemon
League.  I've only been about two times, so I haven't done this already.  All I know is that he plays a water deck.  Some kid told me that it lets you down to one prize, and then it comes back at you.  I don't believe him.  He beat me in a battle with my water deck beacause I couldn't draw an
energy to kill off his Eevee with my lone squirtle for about 10 turns.  Enough babbling.  Here it is:
> Pokemon:23
> 4 Electabuzz
> 2 Scyther
> 3 Zapdos(2 Fossil, 1 base)
> 4 Eevee (jungle)
> 3 Jolteon (2 Jungle 1 Dark)
> 4 Pikachu(Jungle)
> 3 Raichu(2 Base 1 Fossil)
> Energy:22
> 22 Lightning energy
> Trainers: 15
> 4 Bill
> 2 Oak
> 2 Scoop up
> 4 Potion
> 2 Super Potion
> 3 Gust of Wind
> No, I am not an idiot.  I am much aware of the fact that I have no Computer Search in this deck.  They do need to go in.  More Scythers would help a lot.  This deck has problems, which I hope you can fix.  Please post this!  I have tried sending you decks before, but my e-mail wouldn't work,
you didn't pick it or something like that.  Thank you very much for reading this.  Tell hypno I said hi.
>               The last remaining dodo, conveiniently named dodo
   I'm guesing this is a Prop15-3C deck then? 15 Trainers seems to
indicate this. If that's the case, I'll work around that. And Hypno
says hi back at ya. Oh wait, there's 4 of some cards..hmmm. This
deck isn't Prop15-3C? It's tough to tell. Since you never really
mentioned it, I'll just do the traditional route instead then. Sorry. I
guess I changed my mind.

     The Pokemon: All Electric is just asking for a whooping from
the Fighting Fairy. Despite Zapdos's Resistance, overloading the
deck with purely Electric isn't such a good idea. We need to keep
only the best Electric and cut the rest out in favor of some defense
and metagame strategy.

       In Electric decks, there isn't much better than Base Set
Electabuzz. He's quick and powerful, and you should  have a set of
4 in here.
       Both Base and Fossil Zapdos leave something to be desired,
but boy is the Gym Challenge Zapdos a powerhouse! This bad boy
is pretty much flawless and is a pain in the butt to eliminate.

       These 2 Electric dynamos are enough to fuel any Electric
deck, but you should have some good backup in there as well.
       Scythers are great, either the Jungle or the TR version. I'd
suggest the Jungle one since TR Scyther is more of a staller and
you want to come out and deal some pain quickly.

        For colorless power, Erika's Dratini can provide some early
defense without having a Weakness. Your Trainer's Water deck
may rise up to Blastoise early on, so you should be able to come
back with some Erika's Dragonairs so Dratini isn't pounded into
oblivion. E's Dragonair has a couple excellent attacks and hasn't
any Weakness to exploit, making it a very good Evolution.

        That should do you for Pokemon. You don't need the
Raichus, Jolteons and whatever else simply because too many
Evolutions slow your deck right downa dnif your Gym Trainer is as
good with Water as you say he could be, you need the speed edge
on him. Raindance can be super swift in the right hands.

         This brings us to Trainers. You'll want a set of Oaks and Bills
to keep the onslaught coming. Those Computer Searches will
really help too. They're nearly indispensible.

          Gusts of Wind will keep your options open, after all a TR
Hitmonchan can spell disaster for even TR Zapdos. It's a nice
fallback for whatever emergency occurs.

          Scoop Up is a very excellent card in this deck. Since the
majority are Basics, and your big hitter can thrive on discarded
Energy, you have little to lose from a well timed Scoop.
          I don't see that much need for Super Potions and Potions.
S.Potion combos nicely with TR Zapdos, but it's not that good
otherwise. You wouldn't want to use it on your Electabuzz or
Scyther. If a card doesn't work with all the Pokemon in your deck,
it might not be worth using at all. There's not a lot of room for
contingencies in Pokemon.

          You should seek out some Rocket Sneak Attacks. It gives
you the chance to see your opponent's hand and if there's a Trainer
there, you pick one to be reshuffled into their deck. That's a great
advantage and shouldn't be passed over.       

          You could use some Super Energy Removals to keep the competition in check. They combo much nicer than Super Potion does with TR Zappy. No removal Gym is a pain sometimes, but not always guaranteed to show up. Besides, there's ways around NR Gym too.

       I'd suggest using Narrow Gym for this deck. I know you're
planning upon challenging a Water deck, but he may have his own
Gyms in there, like NR Gym, and you should have something to
remove his Stadium cards.  Narrow Gym is the default Gym in
many ways. It's good to put out in response to another deck, but it
also keeps Wigglytuff players down a bit. 40 damage is a lot less
than 60.

        Lastly, a couple Item Finders will complete this deck.

      As for Energy, the most you'll require is around 18. TR Zappy
is a great recycler and Buzz needs very little. Scyther and the
Dratini line require more, but they're not that hard to power up. 4
Double Colorles Energy will help out the Colorless and scythers

          So here's your revised L.A.S.T. decklist:

           4 Base Electabuzz
           3 TR Zapdos
           3 Jungle Scyther
           3 Erika's Dratinis
           2 Erika's Dragonairs

           4 Bills
           3 Professor Oaks
           3 Computer Searches
           4 Super Energy Removals
           4 Gusts of Wind
           3 Scoop Ups
           3 Rocket Sneak Attacks
           2 Item Finders

           14 Lightning Energy
           4 Double Colorless Energy

          And Voila! (That's French for Leggo my Eggo!) This deck
should be able to give a pounding to any Water type deck. Mucho
Electricity is always a problem for Raindance players. Articuno
may a bit trickier with its lack of a Weakness, but it's still gonna
get hit by Electabuzz, Scyther and TR Zapdos pretty hard. Just
watch your bench and do your best to keep anything resembling a
turtle in pain and you'll do just fine.

            You deck has been fixed. Please pay my real secretary as
you exit. You'll be able to find her by looking for the huge stacks of
unfiled papers and memos.

            You know yesterday was Halloween and she decides to
show up on that exact date. That's spooky. I swear she couldn't
have timed it better. I hope that bloody butcher's knife was just a
prop...I don't want the authorities asking me more questions about

                   Good Luck!!
              Dr. Crash Landon
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