Hey sports fans, check this deck out. I'm not much on
Trappers, but I do enjoy seeing a good idea when it comes around. 
Trap decks are pretty rough as it is now. This may take a broken
archetype and completely snap it in two. I'm sort of afraid of what
this approach could do in the hands of a highly skilled player. I've
seen this guy, Zapdos6669, on the Pojo Bulletin Boards and from
what i've read, he's always trying to figure out new ways to tweak
existing archetypes. I think some of you may get a kick out of his

> OK, some people think trapper isnt broken.
> Some people think that trapper is already too broken.
> I think I found a way to break it further??  Well bust out the
> worthless cards and pull out a jungle mankey. Check out his neato
> pokemon power.... Peek!! How great of an advantage is it to know what
> your opponents next card is if they have a low hand count? Its
> awesome! Now what if you could modify what they draw? You see an oak
> coming up next. What can you do? You have three options actually
> (maybe more i havent thought of). You can play a TRT to force them to
> shuffle their deck, a lass to shuffle their deck, or a RSA to shuffle
> their deck (if they have a trainer in their hand).
> Now you have the ultimate in control! First, you force them to have no
> cards. Next, you know everycard they draw and what cards they have in
> their hand (if you have a good memory), and you can even manipulate
> what they will draw!!
> So here is my deck list, that over the past 7 weeks of tournament play
> has a record of 71-9 and has won me 8 of 10 tournaments. In the other
> two, i got 2nd place. Ill go over a few deck specifics at the end. I
> call it Mankey Madness. My brother, who plays a similar deck, calls it
> More Fun Than A Barrel of Mankeys.

 2 Scyther
 3 R. Zapdos
 3 E. Jigglypuff
> Energy-9
> 4 DCE
> 5 Lightning
> Trainers-42
> 4 Oak
> 4 Bill
> 4 Search
> 4 Item Finder
> 3 Misty's Wrath
> 2 IOR
> 4 RSA
> 4 TRT
> 2 Lass
> 2 NGR
> 1 GoW
> 1 NRG
> 1 GGA
> 2 Scoop Up
> 4 Plus Power
> Well basically that's it. You all know what mankey does now. There is
> plenty of draw power and e jiggly for first turn kills. Zapdos is
> there for 2-3 kills before blowing up. Energy isnt too low, because of
> NGR and Zapdoses plasma. Lass is part of the combo with mankey, and
> for stall. I very often add 15+ cards to my deck with a late game
> lass.
> Yes, I am worried about starting out with just a Mankey, and many
> wouldnt risk it. But it helps a so much, i couldnt pass it up. Out of
> the 80 games i have played, i probably started with a lone mankey 4
> times. Ive never lost a game because of it, and ive actually won a few
> because of being able to attack with him!!
> Any suggestions? comments?
> Thanks!
> Zapdos6669 aka Devon Bowling
         Eeek, that's quite an evil way to tackle the Trap deck. As I
stated, I don't play Trap, but it can be brutal, nonetheless.
Mankey's not exactly a wall or a heavy hitter, in fact he's just one
shade more durable than tissue paper, but Peek is a good Power
when using counterstrategy in a match. If your Trap is working as it
should, then not much is going to threaten Mankey.
          My thought is that if Mankey does work as well as stated,
then perhaps an extra could help. I know that card balance and
ratios are critical in Trap decks, so the second Mankey should only
be inserted if there's anything that's not critical to the deck and
doesn't seem to be helping out much.
         I'm not posting this as a fix, but rather just to show people
that any card can be used creatively if you're determined enough.
In a few cases, like this one, that gamble will really pay off. Dust off
your shoeboxes and binders. Yesterday's booster filler could easily
become tomorrow's archetype revolution.

                          Good Luck!!
                      Dr. Crash Landon

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