Sup Rain?

Here is another deck I play, its a turbo 'fable(which is the name of the
deck). It is anti rocket's zapdos/sneasel... and is currently undefeated.
Tell me what u think, and fix whatever u think should be fixed! It is also a
metal zapdos deck, whichever i prefer to play... This deck is pure ownage...

Pokemon - 16

3 Rocketz Zapdos
3 Ditto
2 Electabzz
4 'fairy(2neo, 2base)
4 'fable

Trainers - 27

3 Professor Oak
3 Computer Search
3 Item Finder
3 Gold Berry
3 Gust of Win(d)
2 Switch
2 Garbage Run
2 Super Energy Removal
2 Plus Power
2 Scoop Up
2 Rockets Trap(won me many games)

Energy - 16
9 Lightning
4 D.C.E
3 Metal

I usually Start off w/ a ditto, becuase a lot of people play babies. I
either build up a Rocketz Zapdos w/ 3 metal/1 Metal(love 60 for 10
self-damage) Tell me what u think


A Clefable deck! I use to always modify my Clefable deck when I played Pokémon competively (Like 6 months ago, before every card store in my area stopped holding tourneys), so this should be easy for me. =D

No Cleffa??!! :O Hmmm, this always seems to be an issue when I'm fixing decks. I can't express in words how good Cleffa is. IT'S BY FAR, THE BEST BASIC POKEMON IN THE TCG. PLAY 3-4 CLEFFA IN EACH AND EVERY DECK.
It counters Trap, Lass, it has free retreat, you have to flip a coin to attack it, it gives you a new hand of 7 for 1 Colorless Energy! etc. It's too good of a card to pass up. So try...

-1 Clefairy (Base)
-1 Clefable
-1 Ditto

+3 Cleffa

By the way, make sure all of your Clefairy's are Neo Genesis.

Your selection of trainers actually looks pretty good. Just a small tweak...

-2 Switch
-2 The Rocket's Trap
-1 Gust of Wind
-1 Scoop Up

Switch and Scoop Up are situational. Meaning you only use them occasionally or in rare situations. I TecH in 1 Scoop Up in most of my decks...but that's just me. I play 4 Item Finder in all of my decks as well, so recycling cards is second nature. Just give TecH a try, you might find it to your liking.

>From the 5 slots above, go...

+1 Professor Oak
+1 Item Finder
+1 Super Energy Removal

Your trainer selection looks really good now.

...I know a certain individual who needs to be in this deck. He's fluffy, snuggly, cuddly, keeps you warm at night...YES, it's Igglybuff!! =D Is Slowking still being used at a competetive level where you live? If so, you need Igglybuff! Act now, and get the 2nd Igglybuff FREE. But that's not all...j/k =/ Yea, throw in 2 Igglybuff with the two open slots (helps counter Slowking of course, but just watch out for those Pichu's).

(We also have 1 extra slot to fill)


Drop a Double Colorless Energy and 1 Lighting Energy for 2 Recycle Energy. Oh yea, the count on your deck is 59, so go a 3rd Recycle to fill that last slot. Recycle Energy + Super Energy Removal = 0wnage

Rain's Final Forget: When I'm about to finish a deck, I go through the list to make sure every thing looks ok. But of course, almost everytime I forget to add something that's very important. So look for this every time I fix a deck. ;/ This weeks forget is: You got your Cleffa' what are we missing? Oh yea, Lass. Drop both Pluspower for 2 Lass. And for the extra slot above, balance it out and play a third Lass. Trust me, you'll find Lass more effective than Pluspower any day. =/

The decklist...

Turbo Fable

Pokémon: 18

- 3 Clefairy (NG)
- 3 Clefable
- 3 Cleffa (NG)
- 3 Rocket's Zapdos
- 2 Ditto
- 2 Electabuzz
- 2 Igglybuff (ND)

Trainers: 25
- 4 Professor Oak
- 4 Item Finder
- 3 Computer Search
- 3 Super Energy Removal
- 3 Gold Berry
- 3 Lass
- 2 Nightly Garbage Run
- 2 Gust of Wind
- 1 Scoop Up

Energy: 17
- 8 Lighting Energy
- 3 Metal Energy
- 3 Recycle Energy
- 3 Double Colorless Energy

I hope the deck works out for you.