The Eeeeeeeking Crobat (Modified)

x4 Zubat (Neo 3)
x4 Golbat (Neo 3)
x4 Crobat (Neo3)
x3 Smeargle (Neo 2)
x3 Cleffa (Neo 1)
x2 Lickitung (SI)
x2 Pichu (Neo 1)

x4 Professor Elm
x4 Gold Berry
x2 Resistance Gym
x2 Narrow Gym
x2 Double Gust
x3 Nightly Garbage Run
x2 Pokemon Breeder Fields

x3 Full Heal Energy
x16 Grass Energy

Alex 8P


Sorry about the lack of deck fixes lately. I've recently quit the Pokémon TCG and have questioned myself whether or not to fix decks again. I've decided to stick with it for a little longer. So lets hope I still have half the touch I use to. =/

0wnage! My first Crobat fix. Crobat >>> All =/

Your Pokémon lineup looks pretty good. Although Murkrow doesn't quite fit the stradegy of this deck, trust me, it's very good in Modified Format. So I strongly suggest -2 Lickitung (Southern Islands) and -1 Smeargle (Neo Discovery) for 3 Murkrow (Neo Genesis). Slowking and Umbreon will be one of the many popular decks in the Modified enviroment, Murkrow helps a great deal to counter it. Since you have Pichu as well, Slowking is going to have to give quite a fight to take effect on you.


Go ahead and drop both Narrow Gyms for another Double Gust...and, oh yea, I almost forgot, a 4th Cleffa. >_< Drop all 4 Gold Berry for 4 Focus Band. In Modified Format, you have Ferligatr, Typhlosion/Blaine's Arcanine, Umbreon and Erika's Victreebel being used quite frequently. Although Gold Berry is beyond 0wnage in Standard Format, it's almost useless in Modified because of all the hard hitters being played. This way, your Crobat has a 50% chance of staying in another turn to hit that Ferligatr once more before it is taken out.


You need Darkness Energy for the 3 Murkrow we just added. Drop 4 Grass Energy for 4 Darkness Energy (going down to 12 Grass). Then drop all 3 Full Heal Energy for 3 Recycle Energy. Please don't make me state how important Recycle Energy is. =x

Okay...your deck should now look something like this:

~> The Eeeeeeeking Crobat <~

~> Pokémon (23)
- 4 Zubat (NR)
- 4 Golbat (NR)
- 4 Crobat (NR)
- 4 Cleffa (NG)
- 3 Murkrow (NG)
- 2 Smeargle (ND)
- 2 Pichu (NG)

~> Trainers (18)

- 4 Professor Elm
- 4 Focus Band
- 3 Double Gust
- 3 Nightly Garbage Run
- 2 Resistance Gym
- 2 Pokémon Breeder Field

~> Energy (19)
- 12 Grass Energy
- 4 Darkness Energy
- 3 Recycle Energy 

Hope that helps, and best of luck to you with your new deck. :o

By the way, the WCSTS is coming up very soon (in a couple of weeks?). If any of you are going, please say "HI" to GrayFox. He'll be wearing a shirt that says "Raineh 0wnz Meh." J/k, Greh is 1337. =D Good luck to everyone who is attending the WCSTS.

~ Rain