*ding ding*
*ding ding*
*ding ding ding ding--*
Hey! Hey! Over here!
Well hello. Yeah, I know this isn't the usual place, but...heck, I couldn't
Ever since Crash left his building next door, there's been some wierd stuff
going on. Dark storm clouds have been massing around the floor that his
office was on, and from time to time I've even heard _voices_ coming from
his now vacant shrink tank. So, here I am jarring the door open. I'm gonna
find out what's going on once and for all. Follow me-but stay close.
Well, here we are. *cough cough* man, this place sure collects dust. Let's
see here. Old books, a few plaques, a picture of some goofy kid in
glasses...hmm. Nothing spectacular here. Let's check his office.
Man, someone should WD-40 that door. Anyway let's snoop around some more
and--well, hey. Lookit this. Something scirrbled on the wall here. Looks
like a deck...

4 Charmander
3 Charmeleon
2 Charizard
3 Blaine's Growlithe
2 Blaine's Arcanine
2 Kangaskhan
3 Lickitung


3 Double Colorless Energy
25 Fire Energy


1 Professor Oak
3 Energy Retrieval
1 Super Energy Retrieval
3 Gust of Wind
3 Energy Removal
2 Computer Search
Hmm. Well, someone was kind enough to leave this here for us, so let's fix
it up.

Away goes the Blaine's Arcanine line; running two lines is just too risky.
Let's also remove the Kangaskahn, giving us 7 spaces. Add in three Cleffa
for starters and another Double Colorless Energy as well. Scratch one
Charmeleon for another Chairzard and remove three Fire Energy for three
fossil Magmar.

We have three spaces from before to use on the trainers. Take out the Super
Energy Retreival and the Energy Removal and add in three more Professor Oak
and two more Computer Search, leaving us with 2 spare spaces. Take out one
Gust of Wind and the two Energy Retrievals for three Itemfinder and a
Nightly Garbage Run. Next, ditch four more Fire Energy for another
Itemfinder and three Pokémon Breeder. That should do it!

Hmm. Well, now that the deck's fixed version has been scribbled on the wall,
I guess we can leave-there's nothing all that wierd here after all. C'mon,
let's jam.
Whew. Well, that was interresting. Let me just open up the shop again and
I'll treat ya to an Icee. I myself prefer the white cherry flavor, how
about--hey! Look at Crash's building! The clouds have cleared out! Like
whoa...you don't think...nah. No way. That deck wasn't causing the trouble.