I have made a Pshcic pokémon card deck called Mindbender. Please tell me if its fine how it is or how I could change it a little.
1 Sabrina's Mr.Mime
2 Sabrina's Abra
2 Sabrina's Kadabra
1 Sabrina's Alakazam
2 Sabrina's Gastly
1 Sabrina's Haunter
2 Sabrina's Drowzee
1 Sabrina's Hypno
1 Dark Hypno
1 Misty's Psyduck
1 Sabrina's Pysduck
1 Sabrina's Golduck
1 Dark Golduck
1 Promo Mewtwo
1 Mewtwo
1 Challenge!
2 Sabrina's Gaze
2 Potion
1 Misty's Duel
1 Energy Removal
2 Gust Of Wind
1 Sabrina's Psychic Control
2 Bill
1 Pokémon Breeder
1 Sabrina
1 Poké ball
1 Misty's Tears
2 Resistance Gym
1 Pluspower
1 Blaine's Gamble
1 Rocket's Secret Experiment
14 Psychic Energies
4 Water Energies
2 Double Colorless Energies
So please write me back.

Hmmm... Sabrina deck... let's see what I can come up with here...

I almost always use no more than one evolution line in a deck.  Getting out more than that can be hard to do, and you can save deck space for needed Trainers with just one.  Let's center the deck on the Sabrina's Alakazam line, and cut the rest of the lines.  Bump up the Alakazam line to 4-3-3.  That should make it easy enough to draw what you need to get the Alakazam out.  Now you need some pokemon to support the Alakazam line.  Movie Promo Mewtwo is always a good choice since it can power up quickly and do a good amount of damage.  Lets use 3 of them.  Rocket's Mewtwo is also a good support pokemon for Sabrina's Alakazam, use 3 of them too.  Both of these work well with the Sabrina's Alakazam's Pokemon Power. 
You need something to help you get around psychic-resistant pokemon.  I think Chansey would work.  It can stall some to give you time to get the Sabrina's Alakazam, and it's also resistant to your other pokemon's weakness, so it can protect you against psychic pokemon that give you trouble.  That oughtta be good for the pokemon.
Your trainer selection needs focus.  You need to decide one or two things you're trying to do, and then you choose your trainers to go along with that theme.  We can use hand disruption for this deck, since it doesn't look like your deck would rely too much on its own trainers.  With hand disruption you can remove cards from your opponent's hand so they have a harder time getting things done.  Lets add 4 Lass to go along with this theme.  Then there are three trainers that I think practically every deck should have 4 of:  Professor Oak, Computer Search, and Item Finder.  These help you get what you want, when you want it.  Add 4 of each of those in.
Now lets get some trainers that can help you at different occasions where you may need them.  Lets add 2 Nightly Garbage Run to keep yourself from decking from all your Professor Oaks and Computer Searches.  Gold Berries are always good with high-hp pokemon so you can keep them alive longer.  Lets add 3 of those too.  Throw in a couple PlusPowers to help when you just need that extra 10 damage to knockout the pokemon.  That looks like enough trainers for this deck.
Since we took out your Golduck lines, we won't be needing the Water Energies.  Take them out and add one more Double Colorless Energy for your Chanseys.  Take out 2 Psychic Energies to make more room for other cards.  I think 12 is usually enough when you're running 4 Professor Oak and 2 Nightly Garbage Run.
Revised Mindbender:
Pokemon:  18
4 Sabrina's Abra
3 Sabrina's Kadabra
3 Sabrina's Alakazam
3 MP Mewtwo
3 Rocket's Mewtwo
2 Chansey
Trainers:  27
4 Professor Oak
4 Computer Search
4 Item Finder
4 Lass
3 Gold Berry
2 Gust of Wind
2 PlusPower
2 Nightly Garbage Run
2 Resistance Gym
Energy:  15
12 Psychic Energy
3 Double Colorless Energy
That should do it.  Good luck with your revised deck.
- MrMonkey33