Congrads Z

I have deck i would like you to look at. It is called Egg Bomb. It like
the Venus/Exeggcutor Deck by the fact it has those two chains to move
energy and to egg bomb, but that is it. I try to get a Chansey or
Lickitung (These guys rock at starting!) for starting so I can build my
Exeggutor and Venusaur. Since Lickitung's retreat cost is 3 :-( I have
switchs to get him out of there( Or Exeggutor/Venusaur if needed) Then I
can eggsplode or beam my opponent to Abu Dhabi.I have Pokemon  Traders
to get the missing part of the Venasaur or Exxecutor out. withy the
energy moving, I can USUALLY use pokemon center with out discarding
energy. The potions are in so if my pokemon have damage i can take it
off 1 of them so i can use pokemon center without discarding energy.


4 Bulbasaur
3 Ivysaur (Have 1 more)
2 Venusaur (All I have)
4 Exeggcute (Having 4-4 instead of 4-3 has helped me get Exeggutor out a
4 Exeggutor lot faster)
3 Lickitung (Have 1 more)
2 Chansey (All I have)


4 Pokemon Center
3 Pokemon Trader (All I have)
2 Potion (Have 2 more)
2 Switch (Have 2 more)


2 DC (Have 2 more but in HydroDuck deck)
25 Grass (Have 35 more)

   Mark Levine

DRAGONITE FOREVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
P.S. I have 3 Kangaskhan, but Lickitung kicks but over him any day in
this deck!
Okay, for the most part you're looking good here.  Trainers are a question,
though, so let's start with them.  First off, to make a deck such as this
work (evolutions and LOTS of energy) you'll need a heck of a lot more card
drawing.  That means Oaks, Bills, and possibly Kangy.  Potions aren't so
good, so drop 'em straight off for Oaks.  You'll want 2 more DCE, because
they're REALLY GOOD when combined with Coconut Boy.  Hm, that means it's
time to drop stuff!  Yay!

You can prolly drop the Chansies, and maybe the Lickies too... I haven't
really decided on that one yet.  I like the card drawing that the Kangies
bring, but the Lickies can do a lil' damage and maybe paralyze... well, it's
your choice on that one, since they have the same HP and retreat.  I think
you'd be safe dropping that 4th Coconut Boy to make a lil' room... you'll
have no trouble getting them if you have Oaks.

Finally, this isn't really a healing deck.  This is a damage deck, and as
such it doesn't need so many PokeCentres.  Drop 'em for room!  You can leave
in a couple, if you really want to.  Your call, I guess, but I'd use the
room for card drawing.

Not a bad job, and good luck!

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