Batteries not included

Pokemon : 12

4 Electabuzz
4 Mewtwo promo
4 Mr. Mime

Energy : 20

13 Psychic
7 Lightning

Trainers : 28

4 Plus Power
4 Professor Oak
4 Gust of Wind
3 Scoop up
3 Switch
2 Super Potion (or Full Heal?)
2 Nightly Garbage Run
2 Impostor Oak's Revenge
2 Computer Search
2 Energy Retrieval

The object of this deck is to hit the opponent as hard and as fast as
possible.  Try to get a Mewtwo in the first turn then Oak to discard then
use energy absorption.  Second turn, Use psybeam on the opponent.  I try to
kill the puny ones first as quickly as possible.  With 4 plus power and
GOW, I choose who I face.  There comes a point when my opponent has pokemon
that are resistant or can easily kill Mewtwo.  That's where Electabuzz and
Mr. Mime comes in.

If I can't get Mewtwo in the first turn, I use Oak's revenge to reduce the
opponent's hand to 4.  Do you think I should have more Oak's revenge?  This
is my back up so that I have card advantage.

So far I've gone up against an all fire deck that employ charmander,
charmeleon, magmar, growlithe, arcanine and dittos.  I couldn't beat this
deck.  Magmar and Ditto always beats me up.  the guy always had a lucky
draw.  I always ended up decking myself, going for the quick kill, I
gambled to much.

The other deck I've faced is a stall deck with 4 Magmar, 4 haunter fossil,
2 Mimes, 2 Moltres.  With these basic pokemon, I think you can guess how
irritating and difficult it is to beat them.  As usual, I got decked.

I fared better against an all psychic deck, a colorless deck, and a fire
psychic deck that relies on tauros.

So what do you think?  I've only started playing since May 10.  I've read
your articles and others as well but there are some things that I don't
learn in articles.

Hey, this is looking pretty good.  What you have to learn, I think, is to
limit yourself... don't Oak TOO much early if you're facing a staller, since
you'll run out of cards quickly.  I'll start my critique with the pokemon...
I like what you have, but I think you can drop 2 Mimes for 2 Scyther.  He's
so tremendously useful... you can also probably drop a Mewtwo and an
Electabuzz for two Ditto -- just another great card.  This will give you
more versitility in your attacks.

Now let's do trainers... I'd get rid of Imp. Oak's Revenge... that's just
making YOU run out of cards, since you're putting cards back in your
opponent's deck!  If you want a card advantage, the best way is to
manipulate YOUR hand, not the other player's.  In that spirit, drop the
Revenges.  While you're at it, drop the super-duper potions; you won't be
needing them.  Now with these 4 new card slots, add 4 Bill.  Bill is just a
great little card-advantage giver, and is a staple of all winning decks. 
You have no evolutions, so screw the switches... just drop 'em, and keep the
Scoops.  Use the card slots for another Nightly Garbage Hominyjigger,
CompSearches, and ItemFinders.

Oh yeah!  Energy!  Let's go with 6 Psychic E, 6 Lightning E, 3 DCE, and 2
Rainbow E.  Leftover card slots = MORE ROOM FOR TRAINERS!  YAY!

That should do ya!  Nice job, and good luck!

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