Hi, Z!  I enjoyed your posts in the Deck Mechanic section at
Pojo.com, and would like some help with my deck.

For starters, I am a "40-something" who has accidentally gotten hooked on
Pokemon by my 11-year old son.  I started going with him to the local League
play-meetings, and got interested in the wonderful and wide varieties of
cards and deck-building strategies.  I bought a Power Reserve Theme Deck so
that I could play my son at home, and quickly found that I was losing all
time to him.  I decided to try to upgrade the deck (mostly by "borrowing"
extra cards) and now my deck can usually hold its own with him.  I have just
joined the League and played my deck a few times with the other 7 to 18 year
olds, and I think I may need some help (even though I have won more than
lost so far).  Hopefully it will only need some fine-tuning, but a overhaul
would be ok too!

My "Running Amuk" deck:

Energy - 24
11 Grass
10 Psychic
3 Double Colorless

Pokemon - 20
3 Grimer
2 Muk
3 Zubat
2 Golbat
3 Abra
2 Kadabra
1 Jynx
1 Mewtwo (Promo)
1 Kangaskhan
2 Ponyta

Trainers - 16
3 Bill
1 Prof. Oak
2 Gust of Wind
2 Energy Removal
2 Super Energy Removal
2 Energy Retrieval
1 Energy Search
2 Pokemon Trader
1 Computer Search

My general strategy is to muck up the opponent's plans and Pokemon Powers
with Muk (of course) and Energy Removal and use my Psi guys, Golbat, and
to knock out various colors.  The "bats" are great against fighters and heal
themselves in the process. Ponyta is in to help control Scyther (with DCE,
fire energy needed).  I would like to add a Jiggly/Wiggly line, but I don't
know if I have enough basics for a "Do the Wave" to be any good. I have
enough resources to get additional cards if necessary, and I would
your review/help.  Thanks very much!

Hm.  Looks interesting, but you have some odd choices in here.  First off, I
think you should get rid of Abra/Kadabra and Jynx.  Use more promo Mewtwo...
he takes their place, and is a lot better than both.

Muk I like... good!  Might want to get a third Muk, though... go 4/3 on that
line.  I think you can drop the 'bats for Scyther... he has more HP, and is
just generally better.  That has the nice bonus of giving you more card
slots, too!

Kangaskhan... I dunno, you can use him if you like.  I'm not sure you'll
need him though, since I'll be putting a LOT of card drawing in. *wink* If
you think you need the ponyta, keep 'em... otherwise, I wouldn't bother.

You can lower your energy, since you'll be doing a lot of card drawing.  I
want you to put in 3 more Oaks... I know that sounds like a lot, but you're
going for speed here.  Just 'cause you HAVE 4 oaks doesn't mean you have to
USE four oaks, either.

Trainers!  Yay!  Drop the Energy Search... you won't need it.  You can go
nice and low on energy, and run even more trainers... go for stuff like
searches and itemfinders, that kinda stuff.  You can get rid of traders,
since searches are a little more useful, especially in a deck that draws a
lot of cards.

Well, that should do ya!  Good luck, and eat your lima beans.

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