The idea behind this deck is to hit hard and fast with poison or haard
hitting pokemon. I am thinking really hard on what i should replace my 4 
potions with. i think it should be with more basic pokemon but i dont know
which ones to put in.Can you help? Thanks


18 Grass
4 Double Colorless


4 scyther
2 pinscer
4 weedle
3 kakuna
2 beedril
2 tangela


4 Bill
4 Energy removal
4 plus power
2 Super Energy Removal
2 Pokemon Trader
2 Gust of Wind
4 Potions(really want to replace these with more pokemon. Please tell me
what to put in.)

Email :
Looks pretty good... here's my take.  Try to get another Beedrill, and drop
the Kakunas for Breeders; you'll need 4 of 'em.  Drop the Tangelas... and
maybe add another Pinsir.

Trainers: drop the potions, get some oaks, some compsearch type stuff,
things of that nature.  You can actually drop a lil' E if you're going to
add a lot of card drawing.  You shouldn't really need traders if you have
searches and a lot of card drawing, so you can use those slots for even MORE
searching and drawing!  Yay!

Um, that's about it... nice job, and good luck!

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