I noticed you hadn't posted any decks yet, so here's
one for ya! ohdudeski@yahoo.com

4 Squirtle
2 Wartortle
2 Blastoise (Raindance.  'Nuff said.)
2 Articuno
4 Seel
3 Dewgong
4 Magikarp (I know, he sucks)
3 Gyarados
2 Jigglypuff (for those pesky Mr. Mimes)

4 Bills
2 Pokemon Traders
2 Pokeballs
2 Energy Retrievals
1 Professor Oak
1 Recycle

22 Water Energy

I've been thinkin' about getting rid of some Trainers
to add another Blastoise or more likely Energy, but
I'd like to hear what you have to say.  Thanks!


Hasta Lasagna, Don't Get Any On Ya'!
Um.  Whatever.  Okay, getting rid of trainers is the LAST thing you want to
do.  You want to get rid of more pokemon, because you have too many.  Lose
Krappy/Gyar, Seel/Dewgong, and the Jigglies.  Add 2 more Articuno, another
Blasty, and 3 Lapras.  Take out the 'tortles for 4 Breeders, and throw in a
few more good trainers.  More Oaks!  Screw the pokeballs, turn 'em into
Oaks.  If you have leftover slots, add in ER/SER and more E.  Good luck!

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