hay I got a tournament soon and I need some help. It is a haymaker and the
point is to bring out Aerodactyl to stop evolution.i have limited cards
please give me your answer e-mail at
philip77@hardrockers.com thanx

14 fighting energy
13 grass energy
3 aerodactly
2 hitmonlee
1 hitmonchan
1 scyther
1 Pinsir
2 farfetch'd
2 lickitung
2 machop
2 geodude
2 bill
2 gust of wind
2 potion
2 defender
3 mysterious fossil
3 switch
2 professor oak
1 energy retrieval

thnkyou for helping me
Alrighty, I think you're running a bit light on most of your cards... the
only things you have more than 2 of (other than basic E) are fossil and
aerodactyl.  This will not be sufficient.  Let us on...

Okay, Machop is a weak Hitmo.  Farfetch'd is a weak Scyther.  Lickitung is a
weak Kangaskhan.  If you can, try to get more of the "better versions" -- by
which I mean the Hitmos and Scythers and Kangies.  They'll generally serve
you better in the long run.

WOAH WOAH WOAH now... wait up a second!  Geodude??  WHAT are you thinking? 
That's 5 demerits, and you'll have to stay in detention this afternoon! 
Geodude is bad.  Icky icky yuck.  Don't use it.  Please.

Let's see here... Bill, GoW, Oak, Retrieval... those are nice.  Don't bother
with Defender or Potion, and try to get some Nightly Garbage
Thingamajiggers.  You'll probably also want to get another Bill and/or
Oak... card drawing is big these days.  You can easily drop energy, as
you're using far more than most decks I see.

Not too bad of an idea... just needed some shaping.  Good luck!

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