Is it possible to make a good deck based around Tauros? I've always found it
to be a trustworthy Pokemon, so here goes:
4 Tauros
4 Dodrio
4 Doduo
4 Weezing
4 Koffing
4 Magnemite
16 Grass Energy
8 Electric Energy
2 Poke Flute
2 Gust of Wind
2 Switch
2 Plus Power
2 Pokemon Center
2 Full Heal

The strategy for this deck is simple. Stall your opponent with Magnemite's
paralyzing attack or Koffing's Confusion while buiding up your Tauros and
Dodrio with enough energy to use Rampage and Rage. Self-destruct Weezing and
Magnemite to weaken both benches. However, you have an advantage: Though
similarly wounded, your wounds aid your attack!
The trainer cards are used to put weak Pokemon on your opponent's bench for
SelfDestruct (Poke Flute), pull Pokemon of choice to face a self destructing
Pokemon(Gust of Wind/Switch), and to add to those already powerful
Rampage/Rage attacks (Plus Power). The Full Heal is for any confused Tauros;
The Pokemon Center is to heal Doduo and Koffing, mainly.
Any suggestions or overall reaction? Obviously, I don't own a Defender or
DCE card. I'm not sure what Trainer cards would go well with a Tauros deck.
Still, I feel very bullish about the whole concept!
Thank you.

Hehe!  "Bullish"... nice pun!  Your deck looks pretty sound overall, so
let's delve in a bit deeper, shall we?

The first thing to hit my eye is your use of Weezing... now I like Koffing
(a status effect no matter what you flip?! Awesome!) but Weezing... no. 
Weezing doesn't do much for me, nor for you.  Drop him, bid him adieu, and
perhaps he'll show up in a binder someday.  Maybe not, though.

Now, you say you have no DCE?  Shoot.  I'd really like to see Scyther in
here; I think you need a free retreater with a little more oomph than
doduo/drio.  If you can get your hands on some Scy, put 'em in here!  You'll
be glad you did. :)

Magnemite?  *rubs eyes*  Yup, it says magnemite... um, may I ask why?  It
just doesn't make sense to me... Magnemite isn't very good, you see.  You'd
be better off with a league Pikachu or something, actually.  Best,
obviously, would be Buzz, but if you don't have any try a Pika or something.
  Either that, or drop the Grass entirely and throw in some Pinsir.  You'd
need DCE for those guys too, though.

Okay, I'm gonna let those full heals slip by me, but PokéFlute?  Stop trying
to trick me. ;)  No no, the flutes must go for some card drawing.  With
these extra slots, you should have room for 3 each of Bills and Oaks. 
There... doesn't that feel nice?

Hm, that's about it... you can play around with the trainers some more, try
to get some good stuff like CompSearch and ItemFinder in here.  Those
suckers are staples in almost every deck, and I think Night Garbage
Whatchamacallit will be too.  Those are nice, and only uncommons... pick
some up soon.

Nice job here, and good luck!

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