Dear Souper,
I hane a deck that I think is fairly good. The main idea is to get Bulbasaur to Venusaur quickly, and use Venusaur's Pokemon Power, Energy Trans, to get as many grass energy to an Exeggutor ASAP. I also use some quick hitters like Nidoran male and Grimer. Well, here it is:
Pokemon: 28
Bulbasaur 4
Ivysaur 2
Venusaur 2
Caterpie 2
Metapod 2
Butterfree 1
Nidoran male 3
Nidorino 2
Grimer 2
Muk 1
Exeggcute 3
Exeggutor 1
Tangela 1
Scyther 1

Proffessor Oak 2
Bill 3
Energy Removal 1
Pluspower 1
Defender 1
Gust of Wind 1
Potion 1

Energy: 21
Grass Energy 17
Double Colorless Energy 4



This deck is too cluttered as well. Some of these families can be dropped, and the Trainers need work. You especially need to get rid of the singles.


If you want Venusaur out quickly, make the family 4/3/3. You'll need to take out several families to make room for the Trainers too. Let's drop the Butterfree line, since you already have a more important Stage 2. Muk contradicts Venusaur's power, take him out too. Nidorino works best when used with Nidoking, and you've already got another Stage 2. Drop Nidoking and Tangela, whose attacks are too expensive for its HP, and add another Exeggcute and two Exeggutor. Throw in another Scyther too, and two Pinsir for heavier damage, when necessary.

Exeggutor works well with Venusaur; Venusaur moves the Energy between Scyther, Pinsir, and himself, and when enough is in play it can be moved to Exeggutor, who perfoms a Big Eggsplosion. That's good for Pokemon, let's go to Trainers.


You'll need some heavy card drawing to get the evolutions in play. Add another Bill and Prof. Oak and three Com. Search. Drop the Energy Removal, Potion, Defender, and Pluspower, and add another Gust of Wind, two Nightly Garbage Run, four Rocket's Sneak Attack for Trainer disruption, and two Itemfinder.


Just fine the way it is. Here's the deck:
Pokemon (19)
4 Bulbasaur 
3 Ivysaur 
3 Venusaur 
2 Exeggcute 
3 Exeggutor 
2 Scyther 
2 Pinsir

Trainers (20)
3 Proffessor Oak 
4 Bill 
3 Com. Search
2 Gust of Wind
2 Nightly Garbage Run
4 Rocket's Sneak Attack
2 Itemfinder

Energy (21)
17  Grass Energy 
4 Double Colorless
Without all those families and with more Trainers you should find that you can get Venusaur out earlier than before. Also, I got rid of the singles so everything's more balanced. Good luck!