Dear pojo,
I've sent this deck before but it wasn't posted. I thought maybe you thought it was too bad to review so i made some changes myself and I thought you could maybe soup it up for me. The goal of this deck is to stall with kangaskan while dugtrio or golem can get charged up to do some solid damage.
        thank you,

2 diglett
1 dugtrio
3 geodude
2 gravler
1 golem
2 mankey
2 electabuzz
2 tauros
2 kangaskan
1 fossil zapdos
2 pikachu ( base and jungle)
1 base riachu

1 oak
1 super potion
2 switch
2 gusts
2 energy retrieval
2 energy removal
1 bill

12 lightning 
14 fighting 


Sorry if your deck wasn't fixed before. It wasn't that it was too bad for review, but some simply don't get fixed. It does need some work though, so let's take a look.

Right now, your problem is that the deck is cluttered and unfocused. You want to get used to small numbers of different Pok閙on in higher volume, this is large numbers of different Pok閙on with little volume. You also need more Trainers and card drawing.


You need to take out some families here. Right now you have eight families, including the non-evolving basics. Three are stage 1 and one is stage 2, and this is way too many. Also the electric half is small enough to get rid of altogether. Let's drop the Lightning Energy, Zapdos, Raichu family, and Electabuzz. Also drop the Primeape family, they aren't very good and aren't necessary for the strategy.

That makes it a little less cluttered, but now you have a new problem- grass. Scyther and Venomoth will just burn this thing to the ground. If you want to have a heavy hitting Fighting line, I'd suggest at least using Machamp instead of Golem, his line is better. Take it up to 4/3/2 as well. Take the Dugtrio up to 3/2 as well. You still have the problem with grass though, let's drop the Tauros and add Three Scyther and another Kangaskhan. When you see Grass, use DCE and Scyther or Kangaskhan to attack.


You're gonna need some heavy card drawing to get all these evolutions out. Add three Bill, two Prof. Oak, and three Com. Search. Drop the Super Potion and Energy Removal and Switch and switch the Energy Retrieval for Nightly Garbage Run. Finish Trainers with two Itemfinder.


Add six Fighting and three Double Colorless. Here it is:
Pok閙on (20)
3 diglett
2 dugtrio
4 Machop
3 Machoke
2 Machamp
3 Scyther
3 Kangaskan

Trainers (16)
3 oak
3 Com. Search
2 gusts
2 energy retrieval
4 bill
2 Itemfinder

Energy (24)
20 Fighting
4 DCE 
Too heavy in Pok閙on and too low in Trainers, but I tried to keep the strategy. It should work better, though it needs more Trainers and fewer evolutions. Had it not been part of the strategy I would have dropped Dugtrio line for a few Hitmonchan and some more Trainers, and I'd suggest you try that if this doesn't work for you. Good luck!