Hey Souper,
There is a deck that i saw at a local Leage event, and it had an awsome strategy, use Poke'flute (hold on) and dark Hypno's Bench Manipulation. I know the FLute sux, but with Bench manipulation, it helps out. OK, enough blabering, here's what the deck looked like.
19 Pokemon
4 drowzee TR (much better)
3 TR Hypno
4 Gastly (do i have to say...)
2 Haunter (See above and Nightmare)
1 Haunter Base (retreat fossil is asleep and then Dream Eater he)
3 Promo Mewtwo(i tihnk thats what i saw)
2 Lickitung (might have been Chansey?)

17 Trainers
3 Sleep Sleep...( the worst TR card but he played it 4 times with Item
2 Oaks(N/Ber [no/brainer])
3 Bills (Up)
3 ER (UP)
2 SER (Up)
2 Item Finder
2 Comp Search

21 Psychic energy
Maybe not exactly the deck but i think, when i asked him about it, its mostly what he told me. I think that i want to try it out, but it could use some tweaking.

Thanx BYE


Kind of an odd strategy, and it'd backfire against a Wigglytuff deck. I'll try to fix it and stay with the strategy, though.


Don't use Base Haunter or Gastly. Their attacks are too conditional. The Haunter line by itself is still fairly weak, add two Gengar (this'll also help with bench manipulation). To make room, drop the Lickitung. Other than that, it looks okay.


You forgot to list Pok閒lute. I assume since that was the strategy, you just forgot about it. Drop the Sleep and add three Pok閒lute. Drop the Itemfinders and add three Gust of wind and another Bill.


The Double Colorless don't really make sense here, since nothing uses it to attack. Drop those and add another Psy Energy to take it back to 60 cards.
Pokemon (19)
4 TR drowzee 
3 TR Hypno
4 Gastly 
3 Haunter 
2 Gengar
3 Movie Mewtwo

Trainers (19)
3 Pok閒lute
3 Gust of Wind
2 Oaks
4 Bills
3 ER 
2 Comp Search

Energy (22)
22 Psychic energy
It's a risky strategy, but interesting. I imagine it'll be fun to play.

~ Souper ~