Yo Souper,
My deck needs some souping. You're the guy to do it. My deck came in 3rd in the last tournament I entered. I need your help if I'm ever gonna win. You don't need to post this deck. Just send me back a few thoughts. So here's my deck, "Lighting in the Sky";
2 pidgey
2 pidgeotto
2 pidgeot
2 kangaskhan
2 lickitung
2 voltorb
2 electrode(1 base2,1 jungle)
2 eevee
2 jolteon
2 zapdos

19 electric

2 pokeball
3 super potion
3 potion
3 bill
4 energy removal
4 gust of wind
2 energy reteival
ok. Pideot and hurricane, this move works on high energy pkmn...it's like a a super energy removal. My opponents always say "Oh, I'll just put my Blastoise back down". But...what's this, pidgeot doesn't have a retreat cost. Electrode, electric shock, I WIN!! I like i just need to replace the jungle electrode with another base 2. I fell the trainers are solid. But I'll wait for your reply.


You've got an interesting strategy, Hurricane can mess up your opponent. However, your families need some more variance than just two of each Pok閙on. Also, you could use a few changes in Trainers too, and some firepower to back up Pigeot. So... (Picks up wrench and duct tape) Let's get SOUPING!


The flying-electric is a nice combination, the resistance helps cover the weakness. However, you could use some changes in the families. First, let's drop the the Zapdos and the Electrode family, they're not very good. With the space freed, add two Pidgey, one Pigeotto, and one Eevee. I don't think both the Kangaskhan and Lickitung are necessary, and Kangaskhan's probably the better choice. Drop the Lickitung for two Electabuzz.


You could use some more card drawing, and maybe some Super Energy Removals. Drop the Potions and Super Potions and Pok閎alls and add a Bill and a Com. Search and two Prof. Oak. Drop two Gust of wind, two should be enough, and add two Super Energy Removal.


Add two more Electric and four Double Colorless.
Pok閙on (18)
4 Pidgey
3 Pidgeotto
2 Pidgeot
2 Kangaskhan
2 Electabuzz
3 Eevee
2 Jolteon

Energy (25)
21 Electric
4 Double Colorless

Trainers (17)
4 Bill
2 Prof. Oak
1 Com. Search
4 energy removal
2 Super Energy Removal
2 gust of wind
2 energy reteival
Hopefully this'll work better. The Pigeot can be saved for when hurricane is necessary, and the Jolteon, Electabuzz, and possibly Kangaskhan can deal some nice damage. Good luck!