Not much to say today. My schedule is pretty much back to normal now. Let's move right on to your deck...
I need some help on a deck, and I was wondering if you could help me? I have been working on it for about a month trying to perfect it in every way. The point of the deck is to find your blastoise as fast as possible and then power up your water pokemon. While looking for the blastoise the fighting pokemon will stall. It has done pretty good so far but I think your advice wouldn't hurt. When reading, please remember that I only have one Blastoise. Thank you for your time and here is my report.........
    Pebble Beach
13 -Water Energy
1 -Blastoise
2 -Wartortle
3 -Squirtle
1 -Kingler
2 -Krabby
1 -Staryu (i can take it out i guess)
14 -Fighting Energy
1 -Machamp (my only one)
2 -Machoke
3 -Machop
1 -Onix (could take him out)
1 -Geodude (could take him out)
3 -Bill
3 -Potion
2 -PlusPower
1 -Defender (could take it out)
1 -Gambler (to find Blastoise)
1 -Poke Ball (could take it out)
1 -Energy Retrieval
1 -Pokemon Trader
1 -Mr. Fuji
1 -Computer Search

Thanks A Lot
                        Ben Solo


This deck could be good, but my first impression was that it's very cluttered. With two different colored Stage 2s, and several singles, this deck probably often won't work how you want it to.


Since it's part of the deck's theme, I'll try and leave the Blastoise and fighting Pok閙on in there, but you do need some changes. First, there are better Water Pok閙on choices than Kingler and Staryu. Let's take those out and add three Seel and two Dewgong. I know you only have one Blastoise, but if you want to keep the Blastoise line you'll need at least two. Could you trade for one? Until then, use a Lapras, but let's make the Blastoise family 4/3/2 when you can. Add a Lapras, and drop one for a Blastoise when you get one.

You seldom want two Stage 2s in a deck, especially ones with different energy requirements. Take out the Machamp line... In fact, take out all the Fighting Pok閙on, and add four Hitmonchan and two Hitmonlee.


You have too many singles here, and some of your Trainers are unreliable or not that helpful. Let's drop the Potions, Defender, Gambler, and Pok閎all. Add another Bill and two Professor Oak and another Com. Search to give you some more speed. With two Com. Searches, you can drop the Trader. Add two more Pluspowers (these work best in bulk), and two Gust of Wind.


Take 'em both down to 12 of each. Let's see the finished deck:
Pok閙on (20)
4 Squirtle
3 Wartortle
1 Blastoise
1 Lapras (replace with Blastoise when you get one)
3 Seel 
2 Dewgong
4 Hitmonchan
2 Hitmonlee

Trainers (16)
4 Bill
2 Prof. Oak
4 PlusPower
1 Energy Retrieval
1 Mr. Fuji
2 Computer Search

Energy (24)
12 Water
12 Fighting
This was an interesting combination, since Raindance is usually mono-water. However, even if it's not as strong as a normal Raindance, I think I improved it. Good luck!

~ Souper ~