*ding ding!*
SATOSHI: Well, things are finally up-and-running 'round here again. Let's
see the deck.
I have played in many tournements, but have only been able to grab 1st a
few times and other times i usually get 2nd and im tired of it (even though
2nd isnt bad, just 1st is better.)  The place i play at is very competitive
and almost everyone plays a haymaker or poporrui deck.

My stategy is like most raindance decks except i play mine extremly
aggressive.  Get blastoise out as fast as possible and start doing damage.
use pluspowers because most hay pokemon are 70 hp.  i also use gust of wind
to get out the week pokemon.  of course i also use the search engines and
card drawing for my deck.  Here it is:

x4 Squirtle

x4 Blastoise

x3 Articuno

x2 Lapras

x4 Pokemon Breeder
x4 Computer Search
x4 Bill
x4 Professor Oak
x4 Plus Power
x3 Gust of Wind
x2 Itemfinder

x22 Water Energy

I was thinking about adding things from the new set Team Rocket.  Like maybe
nighttime garbage collection.  Any thoughts would be accepted graciously.
SATOSHI: MmmmHmmm....well, this is gonna be a very quick fix. Still, let's
get to work.
Okay, I like the idea of an agressive raindance...I really do. And I think
you were on the right track when you mentioned the TR expansion. With this
in mind, take out the two Itemfinders for two Dark Blastoise. While he only
has 70 hp, his Hydrocannon is a very powerful move. Rejoice!! We shall never
have to fear 70 hp Pokemon again!! Huzzah!! Err...um, nevermind. Anyway,
Dark Blastoise's ability to dish out 70 damage is very handy. Now, I would
also suggest removing one Water Energy for a third Lapras. While this deck
can dish out truck loads of damage each turn, a Mr. Mime could kill ya. This
is why we need at least three Lapras. Not only can he help kill Mr. Mime, he
can also help with Muks. Gust the Muk up front, then use Confuse Ray (pray
for heads, pray for heads). Well, that's it for the Pokemon. Onto the
Hmmm...the Trainers look good. However, I am going to remove a Bill and
PlusPower for two Nightly Garbage Run. These cards can work like 1 and 1/2
Energy Retrievals, but with no discarding!! Great cards indeed.
21 energy...this should be fine with our Nightly Garbage Run.
Okay, I'm gonna ramble on for a while here. Just wnated to give ya'll fair
warning. ;)
Dark Blastoise and Nightly Garbage Run both gave Raindance a major boost.
Before now, we alaways either had to pack PlusPowers or Energy removals to
hold off the 70 hp Pokemon, especially Electabuzz. Now, we can just bring in
Dark Bladtoise and BOOM!! Bye bye, 'Buzz. The 70 hp is a problem, but not a
biggie. And let's not forget Nightly Garbage Run...the card that can be used
to retrieve used energy and/or downed Squirtles for evolution. This card
makes it easier to Oak with Blastoise(s) in your hand, knowing that you can
ge them back.
...Okay, I'm done rambling now. =D

SATOSHI: Well, that's all for now!! Raindance Forever!! Good Luck and Happy