SATOSHI: Hmm. Hello. I see the door signal is broken. Seems like everything
is breaking 'round here to day. Let's get your deck over to the ol' work
bench...yeah, the table over yonder being held up on one end by a stack of
books...and let's see what we can do.
I recently built an electric deck called Yo Bench Aint Safe No
Mo. Obviously,from the title of the deck, the main idea is attacking your
opponents benched pokemon.Here is the list:

4 Base Voltorb
4 Jungle Electrode
4 fossil Zapdos
4 Jungle Pikachu
4 Fossil Raichu
4 Fossil Aerodactyl

4 Bill
4 Gust Of Wind
4 Mysterious Fossil

24 Electric Energy

What I want to try and do when using this deck is to bench Aerodactyl right
away.This will keep oppenents benched pokemon small and weak.Then I could
knock out the bench more easily.I hope this deck is a success and hopefully
with your help it could be even better.I thank you for your time and
SATOSHI: Well, let's see if we can't fix it up, eh?
Hmm...I see an incosistancy in the Pokemon area....evolution and Areodactyl
do NOT mix. Yes, I know that you'll be careful and evolve before you put
Areodactyl down...but the time will come when you REALLY need a Raichu and
you can't evolve poor Pikachu due to the prehistoric hulk on your bench.
Anywho, ditch the Areodactyl. Ditch the Mysterious Fossil as well, since we
do not have any reason for them to be in here anymore. Well, now we'll turn
the base Voltorb into TR Voltorb, just for the sake of 20 damage for one
Electric Energy. Also, take out the Zapdos. These guys, frankly, are more
trouble than they are worth. You get 'em powered up, just to have them hurt
themselves half the time. You should be fine without 'em. Also, take out two
Fossil Raichu. With theose two spaces and one from before, add in three Dark
Raichu. Suprise Thunder is nice, and his hp ain't THAT bad. Well, the
Pokemon look good, so now it's onto the Trainers.
Hmm...counting the spaces from before, we have...11 spaces. That is good,
considering we only have 8 Trainers now. Let's add in three Professor Oak,
three Computer Search, and three PlusPower. Gastly...er...LASTLY, add in two
Nighly Garabge Run, to get back any needed Pokemon or Energy.  Now, onto the
Energy looks fine. 24 should be enough.
Here's the finished product.

24 Electric Energy

4 Voltorb(TR)
4 Electrode(J)
4 Pikachu(J)
2 Raichu(F)
3 Dark Raichu

4 Bill
3 Professor Oak
3 Computer Search
4 Pluspower
3 Super Energy Removal
2 Nightly Garbage Run

Ta da!! A work of art, indeed. ;)

SATOSHI: Well, that's it. Lemme ring you up on the register here...*tap,
tap, tippity tap tap* Odd, why won't it open??!! *tap tap SLAM BASH CRUNCH*
Open, blast you...*tap tap SLAM WHAM CRUNCH...ding!* There!! Okay, that will
be...*crunch!* YEOOWWCH! My hand!! Man, today is NOT my day. Good Luck and
Happy Gaming, everyone!!