*ding ding!*
SATOSHI: Hi again. We've got a deck to fix, so let's get to it.
Dear Mr. Satoshi,

My name is Helena. I'm seven years old. I play Pokemon with my mama and
papa and at the Pokemon league. You fixed a deck for my papa, can you
fix one for me. I have two decks, but I only want one fixed, if you can.
If there's anything to fix anyway.

Poliwrath is one of my favorite Pokemon so that's why the deck is around
him. Lapras is in there becuase I like his confuse ray and Scyther can
do 30 damage so if I fight a Pokemon with 50 hp he can make him faint in
two turns. The double colorless is to help Scyther. Sometimes I mulligan
and it's hard to get my Poliwrath going. Sometimes I win with this deck
and sometimes I lose. I'm pretty good at playing so I'd like to see if I
can make the deck better. It seems like I end up with plenty of switches
when what I really need is to get Poliwrath.

My deck is called Washing Machine because Poliwrath does Whirlpool.

Pokemon (16)
4    Poliwag
3    Poliwhirl
2    Poliwrath

4    Scyther
3    Lapras

Energy (23)
19   Water Energy
4    Double Colorless Energy

Trainers (21)
4    Energy Removal
3    Super Energy Removal
4    Gust Of Wind
4    Switch
3    Professor Oak
3    Bill
SATOSHI: Well, let's get to it, shall we?
Hmmm...you mention problems getting Poliwrath into play. I think we can fix
this problem by adding another Poliwrath by taking out a Switch. Well, the
rest of the Pokemon look great, so let's move onto the trainers.
Okey dokey, this is also an area where we can up the chances of getting
Poliwrath into play. Remove the regular Energy Removal for two two Pokemon
Breeders, a fourth Super Energy Removal, and an Itemfinder. Next, I would
take out a Gust Of Wind for a third Pokemon Breeder. The rest of the
trainers look great. Let's move onto the energy.
Hmmm...the Energy looks great. Great job in this area.
This deck, to be honest, looked great when I got it. All I really did was
increase the chance of playing Poliwrath. Besides that, the deck was great
as it was. Good Job!! =D

SATOSHI: Well, that's all. I'm still trying to get this wierd PokeBall
opened, and nothing seems to work. Hmmph. Maybe I can borrow the Jaws of
Life or something....Good Luck and Happy Gaming, everyone!!