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SATOSHI: Welcome back to the Shop, everyone! Here's the last entry for TC#6.
Hey this is my TC#6 deck, check it out:

Running Water

14 Water Energy
4 Squirtle(3 TR 1 B2)
1 Dark Wortortle
2 Staryu
3 Psyduck(TR)
1 Dark Golduck

14 Fighting Energy
2 Machop(TR)
1 Dark Machoke
1 Dark Machamp(Holo)
3 Mankey(TR)
1 Dark Primape

1 Bill
1 Pro. Oak
1 Here Comes Team Rocket(Non-Holo)
1 Energy Removel
4 Revive
4 Recycle
1 Gambler
1 Potion

The object of "Running Water" is to get the Dark Machamp out and get your
A$$ totaly whipped.  Also send out your only Dark Golduck for no possible
other reason than to give your oppenent a prize card.

To make this deck even worse you will need to collect more pokemon cards.
You will need to take out the only cards that give this deck a chance.

Remove:                                                              Add:
1 Dark Machamp                                             Any cards you
1 Dark Machoke                                            can think of that
1 Here Comes Team Rocket                            are WORSE than
4 Revive                                                     the cards that
4 Recycle                                                    have here.(then
what could
SATOSHI: HA! Nice add column. ;-) Anyways, that's the end of TC#6. If you
TC#6 deck did not gwet posted, there is a reason. Many of the TC decks did
not follow the guidelines. I had decks with multiple holo rares, less energy
than 28, etc. Due to that, they were not posted.
Now, Hold on for a sec, I'll think of a TC#7...hmmm, Character Decks? Done
it...hmmm. Well, I'll think of something. Have idea for TC#7? Send 'em to
Satoshi@pojo.com and I just might use it!! Good Luck and Happy Gaming!!