*ding ding*
SATOSHI: Guys, please stop fighting...*crash!! bang!! slam!!*...oh, never
mind. Hi, everyone. Meet my new friend(and Blastoise's new
enemy)Odariu...umm, is that the correct spelling? Oh, nevermind. Let's see
the deck before they completely destroy the Shop.*KAPOW!!* Hey!!
Blastoise...NO HYPER BEAMS INDOORS!! If you're gonna do that, then take it
outside, mister!!
hello satoshi!

i'm a pokemon player too and had just began to enjoy the game.  i am
currently experimenting with this deck.  maybe you could help me strengthen
it.  i built this deck using the 1st baic set...

motive:  remove energies from the enemies and assaulting them with poisons
before bringing in the heavy hitters.

4 machops
2 machokes
1 machamps
1 hitmonchans
2 sand shrews

4 weedles
2 kakunas
1 beedrill
3 koffings

4 ERs
2 SERs
4 bills
2 prof.oaks
2 switches (for healing)

14 fighting
10 grass

is this a good deck?  can you tweak it for me?  it would be nice too if you
could give me its advantages and its disadvantages.
Thanks huh.

SATOSHI: Hmmm...well, I'll see what I can do.
Hmm...the Pokemon need the most help it seems. I would remove the entire
Machop family, just because there are so many better fighting type families.
With the 7 spaces, add in 2 more Hitmonchan. These guys are flat out great,
and their speed has made this card infamous. Now, take out the Sandshrew
and, with the 5 left over spaces from before, add in 2 Hitmonlee. These
giuys, while fairly energy intensive, are also a good idea, as 50 for three
F energy is a fairly good attack cost. Stretch kick can also be devastating.
Now, as for the grass portion of the deck...I would like to expand on the
Beedrill family. With the five spaces from before, add in two more Beedrill
and two Pokemon Breeder. While some would disagree, Beedrill can be a very
handy card when used correctly. Now, with the last space, add in one more
Professor Oak. Now, with the Pokemon side of the deck fixed up, let's move
to the trainers.
I like where you went with the trainers. However, remove the Switch for two
more Grass Energy. Switch is good, but we desperately need more Grass
Energy. Beedrill takes three, and Koffing takes two...that should be enough.
We fixed the energy along the way. It really doesn't need any more work.
This sorta turned into a Speedrill deck...very nice. I myself play Speedrill
from time to time, and I must admit, it 's a great deck.

SATOSHI: Well, that's all for--glluuggg...gglllluuuppp...STOP HYDRO PUMPING
ME, YOU TWO!! Geez, those two are acting like children...wish I could shut
them up...I know!! ELEKID!! I CHOOSE YOU!!

ELEKID: Elllleeekkid!

SATOSHI: Thunderbolt!!


SATOSHI: Well, that should keep 'em quiet for a while. Hmm...looks like
they're unconcious...oh well...works for me. ;) Good Luck and Happy Gaming!!