*ding ding!*
SATOSHI: Check it out!! My 2nd international deck fix!! Yay for me!!

OK, first up, i think you are easily the best deck mech on Pojo - well done.
Second, this I live in the UK and, although officially i am not supposed to
have fossil and team rocket until summer, i can get 'em all at the local
card shop (which imports them). Nuff said for the moment - here's my deck:

Pokemon Count - 14 (All basics)
4 x Scyther (free retreat, slash for 60, basic, 70hp, fighting resistance -
need i say more?)
4 x Electabuzz (good solid basic with a paralyze chance on turn 1)
4 x Movie Promo Mewtwo (energy absorber which can dish out 40 damage on turn
2, and 80 to psi)
2 x Mr Mime (he just slaughters raindance)

Energy Count - 30
10 x Psychic
8 x Electric
8 x Grass
4 x DCE (for Scyther)

Trainer Count - 16
4 x Gust of Wind (play the opponent's weakness')
4 x Scoop Up (good old Hay card)
4 x Energy Removal (should I swap for PlusPower?)
2 x Bill (duh)
2 x Professor Oak (duhduh)

I call it ThunderSlash. It does wonders against raindance especially. The
stategy is to deal quick damage with Buzz or stall with Mime, whilst
building up a Mewtwo or Scyther. At the same time I annoy the opponent with
ER, Gusts and Scoop Up. I also like switching Scythers around with free
retreat and then Scooping at the last minute. ER doesn't really affect me
'cos of Mew2, and Gusts don't affect me much either as I have no crummy
basics (like Squirtle).

I like this deck. I have been playing with it now for a week and a half, and
won about 12 of the 15 matches I've played. I need help on anything I could
do to improve the deck (like adding a TR aspect).

That's all for now! ;-)
SATOSHI: Okay, this deck needs very little work, so I'll skip to my quickie
fix format...and here it is!!
Oaky, we need very, VERY little work here. I see you have accomplished a
type of Haymaker style deck, but the energy and trainers need tweaking. Take
out the 8 Grass Energy, as Scyther does not need them, and all they really
do is take up space. In their places, add in two more Bill, another
Professor Oak, four PlusPowers, and save the last spot for later. Take out a
Scoop Up and add it with the last open space for two S.E.R. Man, are those
cards annoying...;) Try taking out a Gust Of Wind for a Computer Search or
Itemfinder; which you chose is up to you. To tell you the truth, this deck
looked great to begin with. Good Job!! =D

SATOSHI: Well, I guess that's it for now!! f you'll excuse me, I think a
fight is about to break out between ol' Blastoise and my new water type
buddy...who is it? Well, tune in next time...same SATOSHI-time, same
SATOSHI-place!! Good Luck and Happy Gaming!!