*ding ding!*
SATOSHI: Well, looks like summer has come a bit early...it's gotta be 95+
degrees outside, no lie. *Whew* Glad I'm in here...and not outside. The guy
that invented the air conditioner should be celebrated as a hero, I tell ya.
;) Let's see the deck.
I have recently built a psychic deck that needs A LOT of help. I have NO
idea what needs fixed, i just know that it couldn't beat an all fighting
deck. The main strategy is stall while building up the Alakazam or Dark
Alakazam (Dark if they have an anti-psychic deck) and then swap all the
damage off, although it doesn't work too well :) here is whats in it so

4 TR Abra
4 Base Abra
<<SATOSHI's Note: The above card listing is illegal. scroll down and I'll
3 Base Kadabra
3 TR Kadabra
3 Base Jynx
1 Movie Promo Mewtwo
3 TR Drowzee
1 Dark Alakazam
1 Base Alakazam

4 Poke Ball
4 Potions
3 Super Potions
1 Energy Removal Prohibition Gym

25 Psychic Energy

SATOSHI: Yeah, well...we have some stuff to work out. Let's get to it.
Ummm...lemmme set something straight. Although they are from the TR
expansion, the new Abra's name is still ABRA. Not DARK ABRA. Therefore, only
four Abra in a deck until GYM comes out. Anyway, let's rid ourselves of the
nasty base Abra. They're okay, but 10 more hp makes the new Abra more
playable than before. Okay, I see what we're doing here...trying to combat
anti-psychic decks with Dark Alakazam. Hmm...I think there's a better
solution. Remove the Dark Kadabra and use the four spaces from before to add
in four TR Psyduck and three Dark Golduck. Super Psy is a great attack, and
a two psychic and one colorless 50 damage attack from a water type?
Heh...whatta card, whatta card. Anyway, since the Dark Kadabra is gone,
remove the Dark Alakazam for another MP Mewtwo. Next, remove the Jynx for
two more base Alakazam and a Chansey. Lastly, remove the TR Drowzee for two
more Chansey and save the last spot for later. Now, onto the trainers.
Grrr...the fact that this person gave me a strategy and an idea of how the
deck is doing is the only thing that saved me from trashing it...I've said
it many times people...do NOT use Japanese cards!! Please! Anyway, we're
going to remove all of the trainers for now. We'll need to make a fresh
start in this area. Counting the space from before, we have 13 spaces. We'll
start by adding in three Pokemon Breeder. This card is very handy in getting
Alakazam into action in close to half the time. Next, add three Pokemon
Centers. We have to have a way to get rid of the damage that gets shifted to
Chansey, don't we? That's 6 spaces; seven spaces left. Add in two Computer
Search, for those cards that enjoy playing Hide-And-Seek in your draw pile,
and finally, two Bill and two Oak. This is not a complete stall deck, and
these cards are a great help. That's all for the trainer.
Take out three Psychci Energy for three DCE for Chansey's Scrunch.
Everything else looks fine.
You should be able to fair pretty well against most decks now. Good Luck!!

SATOSHI: Well, that's all for now...*whew* it's suddenly hot in here.
Where's my stock boy--oh, there you are. Wazzat? The A/C is out??!! Oh,
peachy. Where have you been, anyway? Oh, I see...uh-huh, mmmhhmmm...wow,
that IS a great idea. Excuse me folks. Since the A/C is out and it's as hot
in here as it is outside, I'm going onto the roof...my tan needs some work.
Good Luck and Happy Gaming!!