*ding ding!*
SATOSHI: Hmmm?...oh, hello, all. Glad to see you're back..."I've got too
much<<clap! clap!>>time on my hands...ticking away with my sanity...I've got
t-" Oh. Sorry. Ya gotta admit, one catchy tune. Here's another TC#6 deck.
Ok, I tried to make this as much like a real theme deck as possible, like
including only one rare holo and one rare non-holo. I also tried to include
at least one card from every set, without further explanation, my theme
deck: (I also tried to make it stink much like many theme decks, except of
course Zap! That was one kick-arse deck, I still use it today :)
Hehehe)<<SATOSHI note: Please tell me you're kidding...PLEASE tell me you're
Scary Plants
2 Abra
1 Kadabra
4 Caterpie
2 Metapod
1 Butterfree
4 Gastly (Fossil, not even Wizards can put in base)
2 Haunter (1 Fossil/ 1 Base)
3 Koffing
2 Jynx
14 Grass
14 Psychic
2 Prof Oak
3 Pokedex
3 Nightly Garbage Run
1 CPU Search
1 Bill
     The strategy of this deck is to stall with Koffing, Caterpie and the
other Pokemon that can cause side effects such as paralisis and sleep, then
pump up your heavy hitters. (TWO of them, there should be no problem getting
the out :P) Trainers are to draw cards.
     Remove         Add
1 Hauner (B)        1 Haunter (F)
2 Jynx              2 Gengar
4 Grass E.          4 Promo Mewtwo
4 Psychic E.        1 Abra
                    1 Kadabra
                    1 Metapod
                    1 Butterfree
     I think this is personally somewhat Wizards like, in the sense that it
couldn't hold up against much, although I wasn't sure if you wanted a GOOD
theme deck or NORMAL one so I made normal, I'd like to do a good one to, if
it's alright to send two T.C. answers to the same T.C. By the way, for your
how to beat archetypes, try the most annoying one: Energy Removal.
SATOSHI: Another Wizards worthy deck. I wonder if any Wizards reps are
reading this...hey, I see you. Yeah, you. the WotC guy in the corner. Yes,
you...in the slick black suit. What are you--HEY!! Don't copy these TCs!!
Make your own horrible decks!! Trust me, some of your employees are reallll
good at that. Get outta here! Get! Go on, shoo!! Well, now that that's done,
I'll sign off. Good Luck and Happy Gaming!!