*ding ding!*
SATOSHI: Here's another deck for TC#6!! Enjoy...Ack!! It's an evil incarnate
of arguably the worst theme deck EVER!! Wake the kids and phone the
neighbors...ZAP is back!!!
Boy, This challange is evil!

Evil Zap !!!

10 Electric Energy
18 Psychic Energy

2 Base Set 2 Magnetmite
2 Team Rocket Magnemite
2 Base Set 2 Voltorb
2 Team Rocket Voltorb
1 Team Rocket Magneton (Holo)

4 Base Set 2 Gastly
2 Base Set 2 Haunter
1 Team Rocket Abra
1 Base Set 2 Abra
1 Team Rocket Bad KAdabra
3 Jynx

1 Bill
1 Professer Oak
1 Lass
1 Team Rocket's Sneak Attack (Non-Holo)
1 Potion
1 Super Potion
1 Goop Gas Attack
1 Sleep Sleep
1 Maintence
1 Pokedex
1 Pokemon Center

To Lose Exactly 999% of the Time!

Add Remove

Remove: All the Cards
Add: The 162 or 192 Card Deck in Spyke's Shed

This will Cause your losing average to go to 999% from 1037%
SATOSHI: Heh. Heheh. Heheheh. Pretty clever. This is turning out to be the
best TC yet!! Great Job all!! I'll be back with another deck soon!! Good
Luck and Happy Gaming!!