*ding ding!*
SATOSHI: Well, I'm back here at the shop...and I'm here with some TC#6
acceptees! Due to the large order of the TC, there will be one deck per
article-thingy. Look for the others under the cpation 'TC#6' and then the
deck name. Here's the first deck!!
This is my submission for T. C. #6. In the tradition of having the base set
one theme decks named after various unpleasent happenings, It is called
"Blocked Up Septic Tank"<<SATOSHI's Note: Clever name!!>> It has the
distinction that not only do the two
types not compliment each other, Many of the pokemon are weak to the same

Do You like to flip coins just to attack? Hope for heads with the New
"Blocked up Septic tank" Deck!

14 Grass energy

2 Nidoran (M)
4 Ekans
2 Arbok
2 Tangela

14 Fighting energy

1 Hitmonlee
2 Mankey
2 Machop
1 Primape
3 Geodude

2 Farfetch'd
3 Doduo

2 Pokéball
2 Recycle
1 Super potion
1 Scoop up
2 Pluspower

20 commons
10 uncommons
2 rares
28 energy

The goal of the "Blocked up septic tank" deck is to use pokemon that can do
a lot of damage, even if they have to flip coins to do it! To improve your
deck, you'll need to collect some more POKEMON cards. This version adds more
porygon and pluspower, while dicarding machop and farfetch'd, the only hopes
this deck has! Use porygon to change thier weakness, that way when you flip
tails with geodude, you can do twice as much damage! (0) Finally, Add Bill
so you actually have some card drawing capabilities.

2 Farfetch'd
2 Machop
2 Tangela
1 Super Potion

2 Porygon
1 Geodude
1 Graveler
2 Pluspower
1 Bill

SATOSHI: HA! Great job Dave!! Nice name too! Good Luck and Happy Gaming,