SATOSHI: Welcome...YAWN...what a busy few days this has been...but the space
station has never looked better...before I turn in, let's see your deck.
Hey Satoshi. I have been trying to come up with a deck that can fully
abuse the power of Dark Vileplume's pokemon power. I have had some
success with this deck, but wanted to see what you thought.

4 x TR oddish
4 x Dark Vileplume
4 x TR psyduck
4 x Dark golduck
4 x Scyther

4 x comp. search
4 x pokemon breeder
2 x pokemon trader
3 x energy removal
2 x Boss's way
3 x rocket sneak attack
2 x oak

8 x grass energy
8 x psy energy
4 x dce

I know this may seem a little trainer intensive for what I'm trying to
accomplish, but I usually don't have a problem with having too many
trainers that I can't use. The strategy, of course, is to get out
vileplume on the bench, and have golduck as active third eyeing and
super psying. Scyther is there for early attacks. ER and rocket sneak
attack are to be used until you can get vileplume out. I have a problem
with status effects in my area, so I have thought about useing full heal
energy. Please let me know what you think.
SATOSHI: Well, this has potential...Let's get to it.
Okay, the Pokemon look good. What we really do not need to work on this
Not much to fix here...I would try to squeeze in a few bills, but I'll leave
that up to you.
Here's where the fun begins. We have way to little Psychic Energy in here
for Dark Golduck to be useable. Take out the Grass Energy. Sure, Scyther can
use it, but it's not really necessary. And, of course, we can't risk
Vilplume getting confused and his power shutting off. Anyway, take out the
Grass Energy for three Full Heal Energy and five Psychci Energy. That should
make this a lot more powerful.
To The Maker Of This Deck And Anyone Else Interrested: Think about
this--Dark Vileplume and Areodactyl...total shut down...heheheheheh. =D

SATOSHI: Well, that all for now...YAWN....Night, all. Good Luck and Happy