SATOSHI: Welcome back to the Pokemon Space Station. I see the tractor beam
is still working. This is the weapons station...we're just making sure
everything is still working.
Hey Satoshi!  My brother is seven years old and he wants to start tournament
play soon.  He has a fire deck he calls fire The Fire Spinner.

The Strategy: This deck is mainly a beat down deck that uses Base Magmar
(He doesn't have any fossil) Charizard and Ninetailes to beat your opponent.
So, without futher adeiu here is his deck.

********************************The Fire

Energy (28)

27 Fire Energy

Pokemon (16)

2 Charmander (Base)
1 Chamander  (TR)
2 Charmeleon (Base)
1 Charizard (Base)
2 Vulpix
1 Ninetales
2 Magmar (Base)
2 Ponyta (Base)
1 Rapidash (Jungle)
2 Farfetche'd

Trainers (16)

4 Potion
3 Gambler
1 Switch
1 Prof. Oak
2 S. Potion
2 Energy Retrieval

P.S. Try to not use too many rares, my brother doesn't have good access
     to cards.
SATOSHI: Okay, we've got work to do.
Okay, we need to focus on either one family or the other: Charizard or
Ninetales. We simply cannot survive with that much discarding. Let's focus
on the Ninetales family. Take out the Charizard, but leave the rest of the
family in. The Charmander/meleon combo is a good one. In the place of
Charizard, add in another Ninetales. Now, remove the farfetch'd for another
TR Charmander and a third Charmeleon. Now, make the rest of the Charmander
Team Rocket Charmander. Now, take out Rapidash for another Vulpix. Like the
Charmander, the Ponyta would be better turned Rocket. That's all for the
Okay, we have some work to do. We'll need some card drawing power, so remove
the Double Colorless Energy(no use for it anymore) and the Potion for
another Professor Oak and four Bill. Take out the Switch for a thrid
Professor Oak. Now, if at all possible, remove one Fire Energy and the
Gambler for another Super Potion and three Computer Search. That's about it
for the Trainers.
The energy level is kind of high, but that is good in a deck like this. 26
should be good.
The finished product should look like this:

26 fire energy

4 charmander(TR)
3 charmeleon
3 vulpix
2 ninetales
2 ponyta(TR)
2 magamar

4 bill
3 professor oak
3 computer search
3 super potion
2 energy retrieval
3 gust of wind

SATOSHI: Well, there it is. Looks nice, yes? Now, if you'll excuse me, I
need to test this last quad laser...coordinates set...<<explosion>>...um,
oops. how much do you think the MIR Space Station cost? Why do I ask? Oh, no
reason....Good Luck and Happy Gaming!!